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Ive had brown spotting for 2 week now

I have had been haveing brown spotting for two weeks now i started bleeding after sexual intercourse and i have also have my period a week prior , my period is never irregular im also diagnosed with bv , and have been trying to fnd ways to cure it but havent it always come back , im in need of answers, i have no symptoms of pain or odor it just smells like slight period but barley even that its been fir 2 weeks now and sometimes it comes with blood in need if answers im 17 and i dont know whats wrong or going on with my body
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It's pretty hard to understand everything you are saying. You are diagnosed with BV? But somehow you are "trying to find ways to cure it"? What about seeing a doctor and getting a run of antibiotics for yourself and your partner? It should not fall on you to "find ways" to cure it. BV does not cure itself, nor do home remedies cure it. You need to do what your doctor says.

You have had your period "a week prior," what event was it prior to?

In your shoes, I would go see the ob/gyn and get swabbed, to be sure of the BV diagnosis, and get on the antibiotic the doctor prescribes, and be sure your partner is on that same drug at the same time so he will not give the BV back to you, and I would USE CONDOMS when having sex.
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