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Jelly Like substance from vagina

I'm a 15 year old female and for the last like seven months everyday my underwear gets stained with a jelly like substance and sometimes a large amount drops into the toilet. I have never taken a pill and yes I am virgin. I have gone to many sites and i think it can be that the colon is irritated but all the questions that have been asked before are from people that are way older than me, so it's kind of embarrassing. Please help
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Look up "cervical mucus."  Pre-ovulatory cervical mucus is very much like raw eggwhite, stretchy, clear and thick.  Cervical mucus and vaginal secretions at other times of the month are thinner, and/or more milky, but when you are young you can have pretty lush cervical mucus at all times due to your great estrogen flows.  (When I was on a lot of hormones for IVF, I had thick vaginal secretions all the time from the estrogen.)  If it is thick like cottage cheese and not holding together like eggwhite, it is possible you have a yeast infection.  (Especially likely if you take antibiotics for your skin.)  So if the descriptions of vaginal secretions and cervical mucus don't look right when you google them, check out yeast infection and read its description.  But I'm betting it's just your normal bodily flow.  The vagina is self-cleansing, and you're just seeing the fluids drop away that have kept it clean and moist.  Use a mini-pad or pantiliner if it bugs you.  :)
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It is also possible to have mucus from your colon with colitis, so consider whether you have constipation or diarrhea at all irritating your colon.  Mucus is one reason to be so careful to wipe front to back so the wrong mucus doesn't get up front.  If you think it is from your digestive tract, try a probiotic or see if stopping dairy helps you.  
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