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Just wondered about a weighloss product Ive seen? plz help

I know theres a weight loss forum but I thought Id ask on here aswell. Ive seen a wrap with some type of herb remedie online and wondered if anyone tried anything like that and got results. Its about
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A wrap is sooo not your 'quick fix' to get the ball rolling.  It basically shrinks fat cells TEMPORARILY and draws out the water retention to make you appear a tiny bit slimmer, or take off a few inches to get that last part in the wedding dress.  It will not work a miracle for anyone, and only stays for a few days to a week. Yes, I've tried it...if it was permanent it would be a lot more popular!

I am 33, and have always had a huge appetite...but I only weigh 125.  I eat everything I want, and I go to the gym.  I joined the YMCA 3 years ago.  Membership can be cancelled at any time.  It is family oriented...it has great activities for children...endless.  Price is great.  I love the aerobic classes.  You can show up any time of day, and your membership covers about every class.  The structure of a class, and guidance of a trainer keeps me going!   I started in a low impact aerobic class, and it was basically all elderly women.  Yes, even elderly women work out 3 times a week..After a few months, I moved up.  They offer everything from yoga, pilates to step classes, cycling, and weight training.  It doesn't matter....if you want to lose weight and keep it off....you absolutely will not maintain it for a period of time without some exercise program.  Sorry, but true...hey....it's not that bad.
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I wouldn't waste my money. While the nutritional value is up for great debate, a low-carb diet is an EASY way to drop some weight fast and some find that it isn't too bad for long-term. I have a nutritionist who believes that South Beach is a healthy way to live.

Usually when you're naturally thin, you can't lose weight as easily, but if I want to go ultra-slinky for an occassion, I can lose any weight I want within a week.

Check out low-carb - if anything, once you see yourself slimming down quickly, you'll be inspired to hit the gym and work harder toward long-term weight loss.
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Hey sailors wife...chill.....I hadn't even read your post.  I wasn't stating that anything you said was wrong.  I didn't even refer to your post.  Sorry that your panties got in a bunch, but for crying out loud...pull them out!!
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That's funny....thanks.
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I wouldn't waste my money either. ther is no miricle pill. I've been there, tried that. the only way u r going to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. It's hard, but after you lose the weigh it's a lot eisier to keep it off. You get yourself in a routine. You can do it! I have tried a blue million pills, shakes and all hat jazz. You will lose weight, but it comes right back  fast. Most people end up gaining more back than they lost in the first place. Just eat a lot of fiber and veggies. Lay off the starches. I know you don't want to hear that, but it's true. Good luck to ya!
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