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Kidney Infection Diet questions

I currently have a kidney infection, and seem to get re-occuring bladder infections. I also have kidney stones, I am looking to learn more about what kind of diet or foods are good and bad for the kidneys. I would like to eat healthier and avoid the foods that are not good for my kidneys. Does anyone know of a website or have information that could  help me out. So far all I know is drink a lot of water, and spinach is not good for the kidneys...

Thanks everyone!
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I really do not know a answer for you considering that I have never experienced that before. But this web site should be of help to you.

This is the National Kidney Foundation.

Best of luck!

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For 10mos. now I continue to have pain, tenderness on both sides right below my ribcage.  I have had CT Scan & Ultra Sound and told that my Kidneys are normal.
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what are the symptoms of a kidney infection? i was just told by my ob's nurse that it sounded like i had a kidney infection
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Everyone has bacteria in their bladders, which when grow out of control, cause urinary track and bladder infections.  Cranberry juice is great to reduce the bacteria and keep it under control.  If you don't like Cranberry juice, you can also purchase tablets at GNC or other health food store.  You can also find information regarding UTI's and Bladder infections on the Dr. Mercola website.
www.*********.com  He has great information on their regarding a wide variety of health issues and is focused on health and wellness.  
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