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Labia Majora Abnormality at the Anterior Labial Commissure

I am embarrassed to even ask this question, but I don't feel like my labia majora are normal.  I don't have a separate above the clitoral hood like I've seen in pictures. There are not two separate sides.  It's like both sides come together and join with a 2 inch overhang of just fatty flesh at the anterior labial commissure  I don't believe this is normal.  Can someone help me to understand?  
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It sounds pretty normal. For one thing, labia don't look alike. Also, I think they often have an overhang like you're describing. Have you read anything by Betty Dodson about labia? Her "original vulva sketches" web page is illustrated with 14 sketches of normal labia, and they all look really different.
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