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Labia Majora Lump: What is it?


Around Christmas time I had a lump on my Labia Majora; the outer labia. It has disappeared since then, but I return with questions about what it actually was.

It was around the size of a pea and hard, beneath the skin. It was painful to touch and make movements that disturbed it, but otherwise it didn't bother any bodily functions. It also had a white head but it did not pop, and I did not lance it; it did not feel, nor look, like a pimple because I could reach around the entire thing. Trying to pop it caused tremendous pain, so I didn't even bother. It was located adjacent to the clitoris, so it's not a Bartholin's Cyst (unless they reach that high?)

Warmth helped and eventually it disappeared, but the labia's skin has become stretched and the white head is still there, just harder to notice.

Note: I have never had sexual intercourse.

So, what do you guys think it could be?
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