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Large Bump on Major Lip

I have a bump maybe smaller than a pea I think around the Major Lip of my vagina. I don't think it's redder than it should be but there is this white tip to it. I have never shaved there and it appeared the first day of my period. Most of the time it itches, and when I do try to touch it at all it causes me pain. Do you know what it is, do you know how I can get rid of it myself? I haven't told anyone else because I'm embarrassed :/ But I'm hoping to find some information before I have to... Hopefully I won't though?

Thank you so much
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Ingrown hair maybe????
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Could be an ingrown hair, or a minor abscess, a boil...It doesn't sound like an STD to me.  

If you're brave you can try draining it...You'd either have to pop it like a pimple, or lance it with a pin.  But ALWAYS be very sterile.  Wash your hands really well, disinfect anything going near it.

Or you could go to a doctor and get their opinion if it doesn't go away within 3 days.
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Ive had one of these, I got into a hot shower and gritted my teeth and squeezed it..it was extremely painful but busted and healed quickly. I found it came out there after i had squeezed a round nickel size one on my bikini line. My friend had these also, she were told they were everrything from boils to ingrown hairs.And didnt go away after years they looked like perminent bruised lumps .But after seeing a city specialist for othe problems he said of you have..... (cant remeber the name) they form when you have excessive hormones in that area and are often an indication of stress or other problems etc with your hormone levels...Hers were medical and as i have found out so are mine..I have a huge amount of abnormal cells, which I am about to have day surgery for. So if yourbump  came from one of these lumps please go and have a pap smear and have your hormone levels checked out.
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