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Hello, I have recently been told that i have a large complex cyst in my abdomen.  I had gone to my Dr because i have spotting in between my period for about 4 months.  My Dr sent me for a ultra sound which revealed my cyst, then i was sent for a CT scan and was told the size of my cyst.  The problem is, my cyst is to large that they cannot see where it is coming out of.  I have been referred to an oncologist, and now im going through extreme anxiety.  They are saying that my CT scan also revealed some sort of holes in my lower spine.  My family dr said that because of this i now have to go to an MRI and bone scan.  Does anyone know if this is an indication of ovarian cancer spreading to the spine?  Waiting for answers is literally driving me crazy.
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So sorry for your worry. I hope some one more educated than I can reply. What I wanted to say is to take in the thoughts but reduce the worry. Until you have answers, worry causes stress, causing a stressed body and yours needs as many calming, healing energy you can spare.

I sit at home as we speak recovering from a laparoscopy for bilateral ovarian cycst and an endometrial polyp removal. When the doctor went in to remove them found out neither were there; everything looks completely healthy. Which is fantastic because the risk of cancer is gone however that leaves questions about the pain of having which we thought was caused by those two things.

I'd learned many years ago don't worry if you cant do anything about it. Also for your friends and family. In my world I prefer calm instead of fretting when things get serious. To each his own.

Good luck to you and sending peaceful thoughts your way.
mrg4paws thank you.  I try to take my mind off of it but as soon as my head hits the pillow it all comes back.  I doctor has prescribed me some anxiety pills because i cannot sleep.  The pain is almost unbearable at this point but nothing can be done until they know what is going on.  I wish you a speedy recovery!
Thank you and to you as well. I know it's hard but just know you're not alone. :)
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