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Large Lump Under Skin of Pubic Area of Vagina

Alright so for about 5 days now I've had this lump under my skin on the top of my vagina in my pubic hair area of my vagina closer to the right side of it. When I first got it, it was medium size and not painful at all. I shaved probably less than a week before this lump popped up and I want to say its an ingrown hair but Im not sure. It doesnt have a head to it like a pimple would but its slightly lighter than my skin tone. The current size of it is probably slightly larger than a quarter. About 2 days ago I decided to shave the new hair that has came in then I wiped it with rubbing alcohol , usually that helps and kind of bumps I get go down. The next day I woke up in pain and ever since its been nothing but pain. Since its more on my right side of the vagina next to my leg, it rubs when I walk, causing pain, I cant sleep right without it hurting, it hurts when I bend over, lay down , or sit. Its a STINGING PAIN. Even when I try to touch it , it stings. The only time it feels better is after a hot shower. Its so painful I want to cry.  I wanted to pop it , but the lump is slightly hard and like I said, even when I touch it , the stinging pain is UNBEARABLE. What can I do ? This pain is unbearable.
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its probably an ingrown hair, it's happened to me also it hurt super bad, but like u said it feels  better in the shower try to soften it in the shower hot water and u should be able to pop it. If not go c ur gyno.
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Update : I found a whitehead on it yesterday that I havent noticed before , and this morning it sort of popped. There was just blood but it didnt come from the white head. so im currently laying in bed wiping it waiting for it to stop bleeding.
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Ladies with the bumps... Have you had fevers with these lumps? They sound like boils; which are hard and painful. Apply a warm compress on it for several days. It will help the pain, boil to get smaller , but you may require antibiotics.  However,  talk to your doctorb/c boils can be infections (MRSA) I had one in my armpit once and it erupted,bled. It was not MRSA, but you won't know until you're tested. Good luck.
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