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Large female pubic bone.

This was a comment I found and I HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME THING! I need to know how I can correct this! You have no idea the suffering we go through on a day to day basis looking like you have a male part instead of a female anatomy. I don't feel like a complete woman. I cannot wear sexy underwear and don't get me started on what wearing a swimsuit feels like or anything that's tight, so I'm always wearing things that are baggy and I'm soooooooooooooo tired of it. My Gynecologist says it normal, WHAT????????????!!!!!!!!! It's not normal for a female to have a LARGE bone sticking out! Believe me, you would not want to be me....
There has to be a surgical proceedure to reduce the bone there, so we can feel like women again.
See below...

when i started discovering my body as a young girl, i realized something different from everyone elses. my vagina looks really bony. when i lay down flat, my pelvic bone is protruding out. even standing up, i can see a big bump. more than normal from what i have seen. i have been told by friends "oh you have big vagina" and it really bothers me. i am embarrassed to be intimate. i did research but didnt come across anything. i'm 25 now and am still embarrassed to go to a doctor. i dont know what the problem really is. i used to crack my lower back, i dont know if that would do anything to it? but i dont feel any pain or anything. just physically, its very different, bony, and embarrassing from what i see. i've been told by several family members " are you wearing a pad" because its that noticeable. i know that if it was from birth, my mom would notice. because now they tell me things like you have fat, big, vagina. i really need to do something about it, but need to know what? and need to know what the problem really is and what may have caused it? and what kind of doctor i should see. and how i should explain it. please answer my questions asap. i cant take it anymore, and i find it embarrassing to share it w/ anyone else.
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I have heard of this problem and I believe there is plastic surgery for it.  You might want to post on the doctors forum.  It will cost you but they might know more about this issue than  the regular uneducated person.  Don't stop searching for an answer or solution.  I'm sure there is one!!!!
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It is indeed perfectly normal. Mine's like this too :-) Pelvises come in all shapes and sizes. You just have a prominent pubic bone, is all. But if you're overweight, you can also develop a pretty big pad of fat that will make it look more prominent.

I don't know what's up with your family or friends, though. I can't imagine anyone saying you have a "big fat vagina" (apparently they don't have any understanding of female anatomy), or asking whether you're wearing a pad. Seems weird. Or are you maybe projecting your own feelings about your body?
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I have the same problem, and I agree, it's awful and embarrassing.I haven't talked with anyone about this, I guess, no one knows, since I try to hide it..
But I can't any longer. I'm sick of boys dumping me because I can't take the courage and have a sexual relationship... I'm sick of choosing carefully clothing, I'm sick of being unable to wear what normal women do! I'm sick of looking myself at the mirror - I'm really thin, but this enormous thing is all I see.

I do not want to sound pessimistic, but what can be done? As far as I have read, this bone helps for keeping one's balance. So it cannot be removed. Seriously, is there something that can be done?!
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Is it an actual bone or is it tissue?  If it's tissue, I would like to think that it could be easily removed.  The bone would be harder to remove, they would have to break it and then do some plastic surgery, but there must be some plastic surgery doctor that will do this for women.  I've seen them reconstruct faces on tv by breaking bones, removing them, placing them elsewhere, etc.

Why don't you try calling or contacting some plastic surgeons around the US at major surgery centers (Mayo clinic comes to mind) and see if they can do the surgery?  Maybe even contact the medical channel on tv, they are always performing uncommon surgeries or even common surgeries but in a new way.  

Don't lose hope either of you!!  If you want this bad enough, you will find a way to get it done!!!!
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Because I am not from the US... I am from a small Eastern European country with awful medical service... I simply cannot imagine getting this done here. And one more reason, I guess it will cost pretty much; not only the operation, but also the tickets and all the documents and hotels and etc.
I guess I just have to put money aside and postpone this.
And yes, it is a bone, I am sure about this. By the way, I don't know if this is connected, but I also noticed that the bones around my knee (the cap, I suppose?!) are jutting out, too; also my ribs. But I don't care at all about them, all I want is, as Anne has written above, is to feel like a woman
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I would say that there is a connection between this bone and bones on the rest of your body, still I do believe that there must be some operation to help you in this area.  I have heard that a lot of people are going to India for surgery because they are cheaper but also because the do a great job!  Even in the US, and even with insurance, people are going to India.  I am not sure if this is a better option for you or not, but something to keep in mind.  I truly hope it all works out for both you and Anne.  I'll be praying for you both...
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