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Large swollen painful bump on the outer lips of vagina

Since yesterday I've had a large swollen bump on the labia majora..it's very painful, it hurts to walk or sit.  I've been putting warm cloth on it and it seemed to help with the swelling but it's still really painful.  I don't really want to go to the doctor because I just don't have the money right now, and I feel like it would be a waste if it's something that I can take care of on my own.  Anyone else ever experienced this before? What can I do to ease the pain? All I've done today is lay in bed because it hurts too much to do anything else.
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I had a large bump right in the crease of my leg right where the labia touches. I went to the dr and it was a cyst she said from shaving. oh it hurt like ****. she said she could stick a needle in it if i wanted her to. I told her no id deal with it at home. lol ended up laying in a really hot bath and it came to a head and i stuck a needle in it myself. I have had this twice actually. http://www.enlmedical.com/article/000842.htm there is some info for ya. Hope this helps. Take Care!
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thank you so much! I figure mine is from shaving too, I just want it to go away lol
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if you think it is from shaving, it very well could be.  is the lump under the skin, or on top of ?????  there is a difference.

if you don't want to go to the doc, just wait it out for a few days, and see what happens. It may very well go down in size.
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it's under the skin
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okay well that is a good thing!! std's such as herpes and warts are on top of the skin, as I said there is a big difference. not saying that's what you're worried about, but I know if it were me, I'd be thinking worst case scenario.

you do have glands on each side of the vagina, and they are under the skin. They can swell up if infection is present. all it takes is one nic from a dirty razor........just keep waiting it out, and go to the doc if it doesnt seem to go down.
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yeah, I'm sure it's not an STD, I get tested regularly.  The pain seems to be getting a little less intense so that's good, hopefully it goes away in a couple of days.
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just to update..I sat in a tub with hot water and the bump is pretty much GONE, well it "popped" now it's draining..sounds gross lol at least I'm not in pain anymore
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Hi, you have a sabatious cyst....I've had about 3 at different times. As you have done ...sit in a hot bath...usually it will pop itself...

however..if it happens again...go to the doctor and get it drained...cuz if it pops itself...sometimes it doesnt drain properly...!! and will reoccur!! Usually the stuff that comes out is reddish blood and puss...and can sometimes smell really bad...

Its usually a day op only...and your able to go home in the afternoon... I had one stitched once and the other the doc left open to drain some more...

I havent had one for two years now (touch wood)

Causes can be from in grown hair, not being "clean" enough, from being in a hot and humid climate..and the area doesnt get enough air, or just a scratch from a nail....... my doctor said sometimes his patients even use a hair dryer to dry off...after a bath...

he also said, its normal for women to be in so much pain from it...feeling like vomiting...unable to sit down, or sometimes even walk properly... one doctor was amazed i was able to even sit down!! ..

you'll be fine :) take care
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how long do these usually last
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First time user.....question not posted just for pinkchic, please anyone help.

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How many hot baths did you take before it finally "popped"?

I've had mine for a month, and am going to make a dr appt. However, I was hoping that a hot bath would work, but no luck (yet).
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hi, i just searched the web for the symptoms of what pinkchic was describing and found this forum, i took bits and pieces of some of the advice posted up, and a phonecall to my mum! and managed to "pop" my lump.

had it on the edge of the labia (lip)
ive had about 3 now, never really knowing what they are, always had a thought that they might be skin cysts though!
other two went down within days of getting them, without realising whether they had "popped" or not lol
but the recent one i got about a week ago, i was wondering why it hadnt gone down so i was doing some research and noted some things down
then tonight i had a hot bath then took to the lump with a sharp safety pin, just 'gently' tearing the top of the lump a little in various places (just did what my instinct told me to, to be honest!) and it started bleeding slightly (it did hurt)
then i gave it a go of squeezing it abit, then alot, then harder etc. i got nothing apart from abit of 'normal' blood, so i left it for 5 minutes and had another attempt at a hard squeeze then suddenly aload of pus came out,
i was grossly shocked lol, didnt realise it was all in there!
but feel much better now i know that its out or atleast a relative amount of it is out so hopefully the lump with go down,
ill post again in a few days saying whether it worked or not

but so far my advice would be to have a hot bath, then hold the lump and pierce it a few times with a sharp safety pin/needle and then squeeze! squeeze for your life until it comes out!
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