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Late Period- PMS, No Bleeding

I am seventeen. My period has been quite normal for the past few months (being at the beginning of every month).  My last periods beginning date was the night of December 7th, so my expecting starting date was January 4th. Therefore, mine is "techinically" nine days late today.

I had sex for the first time on January 2nd, with my boyfriend. We used protection (male condom) and there were no break, leaks or spills. BUT: there was a time were his naked penis touched around clint and labias. It was between oral sex performed on me and then the actual intercourse itself.

I had heard of "pre-***" containing some sperm, so this makes me paranoid, but my boyfriend has never had pre-*** without actual stimulation on the penis. I've also read from many females that loosing their virginity caused their period to change, but only slightly.

I'm having the usual signs of my period, though. I get those "dry cramps" in the creases of my groins, light cramping in my lower abdomen, light pain in back, mood swings, food particularity... I also think I might be noticing some breast tenderness, but I might just be paranoid of pregnancy symptoms.

I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet, since I am still getting the symptoms that happen, usually, the NIGHT before my period actually comes on. Plus, I'm not sure when it is best to take one (when I will get the most accurate results). I am STRESSING a ton and I know that has also been proven to prevent a period from showing.

Any help?

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Ok, I keep doing the math and if you are going by a 28 day cycle, I got you due on the 3rd lol.  Anyway...I don't think I'd worry just yet..you could be just stressing.  I would read up on ovulation, you may find that to ease your mind just a tiny little, but you can get pregnant at any time.  If you don't get your period in a few days, take a test.  Good luck to you :)
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Thanks! I think it really is stress. I'm buying a 2-count pregnancy test today. I'm going to take one "first pee" in the morning tomorrow and then wait a week to take the other one. Hopefully, I won't be too anxious and be tempted to take it earlier. Thanks again!
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You're welcome :)  Good luck to you and please let us know how it goes, ok?
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I took the test and it come out negative! I think first time sex has officially traumatized me for life! UGH.
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My period can on this morning! I guess I needed that one day of not stressing out...
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