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Late and Short Period, Abdominal Pains,Why?

My period started on the 28th of December and yet it's already ended on the 1st of January...Usually it goes for a week and a bit until all the red is gone, so I'm worried about what the reason for it could possibly be. I think it was late a week too which also concerns me...

The week before the 28th I had serious cramping in my upper abdominal area at around 3am every night in which some days I couldn't move at all until it passed half an hour to two hours later. Every other time of the day I'd feel a small pressure in my abdomen as if I was bloated and occasional pains along the sides. Sometimes even the bloating would feel rather painful and I'd have to rest for a while until it passed. Now that I've had my period, the pain doesn't occur as frequently. It used to be a daily problem but now I barely notice it. I could even say that it's gone completely.

I'm fairly sure I'm not pregnant... I did spend some intimate time with my partner on the 14th of December but we didn't go far enough to let him ejaculate; we stopped after we found that he was releasing pre-ejaculate.

Could all this simply be a result of stress, that perhaps it was just a buildup of fluids or a blockage of sorts? I wasn't constipated and I visited the washroom frequently as usual, so why? I just simply don't understand why this could've happened. I may be over-reacting or stressing out for no reason, but I'm fairly worried about this.

If anyone could provide any advice or suggestions to better my health, then please do! I'd appreciate it greatly!
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I'd do a pregnancy test just to be sure - even a cheap one from the chemist might be enough.

But otherwise it could be a change in your body. If your stressed, have had recent illness, dramatic change in weight, a diet or medication change, then it can alter menstration too... sometimes they just go irregular, but if you experience any more symptoms that are really dramatic maybe see a doctor.
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Hi there and welcome to the forum.  Perhaps you have a simple ovarian cyst.  Very common and nothing serious---  they typically pass on their own.  It is like a really bad period with extra cramps when you do.  If you haven't been sexually active (and if your boyfriend never even ejacualted) there is really no need to be concerned with pregnancy.  I would take some ibuprofen and wait and see if it subsides.   You may just be having an off month.  If next month is odd as well, then make an appt. to see your doctor to discuss it.  good luck
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