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Late and short period


I could use some advice/guidance. I'm concerned about my current period. I generally have an irregular period, it comes every 4-5 weeks and lasts 4-5 days. I was taken off the pill approximately one year ago, to prevent the constant Aura Migraines I was getting from the hormones. I have been very careful when it comes to sex, I always use condoms and make sure my sexual partners are STD free, etc. Since going off the pill, I was actually somewhat terrified to have sex and waited over a year to do so.

I broke that "dry streak" the last week of February. I had sex a few times over the course of 10 days, with the same guy, using condoms each time. In fact, I was so paranoid about pregnancy that after the first two times of him finishing in the condom inside me, I made him pull out and finished him off outside of my body (I know, I know, I'm crazy. Not sure why he puts up with me).

I've been going through a lot of crazy personal things right now, my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and begins radiation tomorrow (which has obviously been very stressful). In addition to the family stress, I had to travel a lot for work the last few weeks. The last time I had sex was February 28th. I flew across the country the next day and drove from Florida to New York one week later.

Fast forward to now. I've been crampy for the last week, I assumed it was from the crappy diet I've been eating while traveling. My period arrived yesterday, 5 days late according to the period tracking app I downloaded, and it was bright red. By the time I went to bed last night, it was barely there. I slept with a pad to be safe. When I woke up with morning there was a dark, almost black, lump of blood on the pad (clot like, but not as thick). I put a tampon in and went about my day. I just took it out and there was practically nothing on it. I am crampy, like I usually am when I get my period, other than that everything seems normal.

I have taken 3 at home pregnancy tests, all are negative. The first the day my period was due, the second 4 days into it being late, and the third today. Am I just being neurotic and stressing myself out more, which is adding to the shorter period or do you think it's something more?! A friend told me it's probably from going from not sex to a year to sex multiple times in a week. Not sure that's a thing?!

Obviously I'm a little freaked out. Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated!!
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Irregular periods happen from time to time. . However, the important thing is toknow your own body and menstrual cycle, and visit your OB/GYN when you experience a period that is irregular for you. Your OB/GYN will discuss your options with you. These may include dietary and lifestyle changes, oral contraceptives, or surgery, depending on the nature of the irregularities. If the irregularity isn’t a medical issue, or causing you discomfort, you may not require treatment at all!

Here is a great article from Harvard Health about what to expect the doctor will ask you about irregulars periods as well as some tests they may run: http://www.health.harvard.edu/family_health_guide/when-you-visit-your-doctor-irregular-menstrual-periods
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