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Late period? Kinda paranoid

Me and my boyfriend went out last July 16 on an outing, we made out on our car and fooled around, although it was mostly fingering and blowjobs, he came but didn't touch me afterwards because I got mad. Same scenario later night but mostly fingering and a bit of blowjob but he didn't came. I was 8 days away from my period then yesterday, we tried to have protected sex but couldn't because his penis couldn't stay hard due to the pressure and we just did foreplay. My period was suppose to come today although it's not here yet and I'm just concerned, I did my research but couldn't put my mind at ease. Thank you.
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Was there any time in the "same scenario later in the night" where his penis could have come into contact with your vagina? If not, your period is probably just a little late.
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No, his penis didn't have any contact with my vagina at all. Although on July 23, we tried to have protected sex and he said that the condom might be making him feel uncomfortable so we tried doing raw anal because his penis couldn't stay hard I wasn't sure if his penis touched my vagina as we were trying to put it in, we ended up not having anal sex as his penis went soft after a few minutes. Should I be worried for any chances of pregnancy?
If his penis didn't have any contact, I would not worry about pregnancy. Really, usually a penis has to penetrate your vagina for pregnancy. Nothing you describe in your first post would lead to pregnancy. Periods can be late and ARE all the time. It's normal to have occasional late or irregular periods. Reasons include any change in routine, weight gain or loss, illness or anxiety and stress among other things. However, you are sexually active and I would believe this warrants a better birth control scenario for you. A boyfriend willing to take off the condom because of erection problems is a recipe for unplanned pregnancy. So, I would not rely on HIM. You need to take care of yourself. Get on the pill if you can. And yes, still use condoms on top of that. But just in case the condom disappears, you still prevent pregnancy with birth control. Take care of yourself, hon.

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