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Latex allergy?

I've recently been intimate with my boyfriend and the following day I had some tender spots right under my clitoris and on the side of my vaginal opening. I figured it's go away but it's almost a week and I think they're getting worse. The tender spot in the back seemed to form two bumps with rash and the one closer to the front is still very tender to touch and itches sometimes. I don't know if it could be an allergy to the condom we used or what else. I've never been with a partner and not use protection so I am not sure what this condition could be.
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What about your boyfriend . I mean is he STD's tested or not ?
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He's clean as well as me.
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If you've always used protection then it's probably not an allergy to the latex it's most likely an allergy to the lubricant on the condom. Go to your gyno and explain the situation and he/she will get you some cream to put on it for now wear cotton panties to keep the area dry and feeling better. I know this sounds crazy but put some diaper rash cream on it to see if it clears up. I get excema rashes down there on occasion (weird but it happens) and the diaper rash cream helps it heal up. Hope his helps!
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