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Left side pain

I have pain in my left side for a couple of months I have been to the doctors but never been examined.i have been sent for a back X-ray and chest X-ray all clear. I have been back to the doctors severel times explaining tha the pain is getting worse and spreading I have pain under my left breast and have a lump and swelling the pain goes down to my groin ,it hurts when I bend down and twist round. It has now started to make me feel sick I keep getting constipated, I get the sweats feel dizzy and very unwell I am taking pain killers but nothing seems to work. My doctor is now sending me for an ultra sound scan
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Hello Kelly

It could possibly be a hernia. Hiatal Hernia:
If it is in the form of a small lump and is painless, you can wait for some time before you consider surgery. However, there are cases where the individuals have opted for a hernia repair because it can cause  severe pain.

The symptoms of hiatal hernia are more prominent than the other types, as it is seen in as many as 1 in 10 people. Acid reflux is the most common symptom. The other symptoms include heartburn, regurgitation and nausea. In this condition, there is protrusion in the upper abdominal region from the stomach into the thorax. This protrusion may either cause tear in the diaphragm or weaken the diaphragm. Due to this the person may experience heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and chest pain.

The pain in groin may be something else or it could be Inguinal Hernia: Most of the time, the inguinal hernia symptoms are not noticed. These may be discovered during a routine checkup. If the protrusion is large enough, it might be seen or felt in the lower abdomen or on either side of the pelvic bone. The protrusion is normally noticed when a woman coughs or is standing. This type of hernia may cause discomfort in the groin and extreme pain when the woman coughs or bends.

I doubt you have two hernia in two different areas.  Also, Dr. Hien Nguyen, assistant professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said the pain can be mistaken for other conditions with similar symptoms, such as adhesions from prior surgery, endometriosis, fibroids and ovarian cysts. Nguyen talks about treating hernias in women.

I hope this helps, it is good you are getting started with ultrasound, but if nothing shows up do not give up. Go get another opinion from several different doctors.  I would go to gastroenterologist.

Warm regards,

Linda Nicole
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