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Lichen Sclerosis & Laser Fenton's

Anyone else out there who has Lichen Sclerosis and been recommended a Laser Fenton's?
I'm 51 and over the last 2-3 years I have suffered with itching, soreness, splitting after sex and passing 'no. 2's'. My perineum, vaginal opening and poor clit have had every over the counter cream rubbed in and numerous tubes of gunk from the doc too.  Until, unable to take any more I demanded a referral for a biopsy after reading on line that Lichen Sclerosis fit all my symptoms and could only be diagnosed with a biopsy.  I had the biopsy and it came back positive so at least now I am being treated for that but in the mean time my skin had been irreparably damaged and where I had my two episiotomies with my babes the ‘stretch’ had gone and the scar was tightening to the point where if my darling OH came anywhere near me I started to think of excuses why I can’t…..
Anyway, my Gyne has agreed that the scar needs to go and had booked me in for a Laser Fenton’s.  I read loads about ordinary Fenton’s, stitches and the like but the leaflet she’s given me says that they leave the wound open and don’t stitch.  Can anyone let me know if they’ve had this done and how it went, healed, the pain??
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thanks for query.You are an informed patient.This makes doctors job easy. Laser Fenton`s a technique used very widely this days. With the help of laser the tight tissue is released and small wound at end of procedure is sutured. You will be fine with this and pain that you are having during sex will definitely go. Continue with the treatment as advised for rest of the things.

Wishing you good health.
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