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Light spotting what can this mean????? Help!!!

Ok so me and my bf have been Trying to conceive. I have irregular periods so last time i had an actual period was April.26.2015 and on june 28 i started spotting very light pink only when wiping then the next day it was light brown and then light pink for the rest of the time till July 20 i went to the dr the first time after i was bleeding for 11 days the Dr did not check me at all told me to come back if i was still bleeding more.. so i did i went back because one day i urinated a big clot of blood and then i bleed somewhat mild and i told the Dr what happened he did a pap smear and told me i was bleeding from my uterus i was like ok. then he told me to come back in three months if i was still bleeding i told him if i could blood work to rule out that i wasn't pregnant or had a miscarriage because i was having and still have lower back pain, left side pain and stomach pain also i noticed blue veins appearing on my chest he denied it and told me a urine and a blood test are exactly the same and told me to come back in three month if i was still spotting i was like really!!! well the week after i called to get my pap results and the receptionist told me i she they were not allowed to give results over the phone so i she was like would you like to make an appointment i was like yes she like oh wait you have one scheduled already she was like that day you came in you had a pregnancy pap smear and you have a follow up for your pregnancy august 8 i was like wait what she was like maybe i have the wrong person whats your date of birth i gave it to there and she was like yes this is you so your not pregnant i was like according to the doctor i am not she was like OK ill go ahead and change you app.. Which i thought that was wierd.
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