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Lighter period. Am I pregnant?

If someone could just please take their time to read this. Please help. I need answers ASAP please I can't stand the anxiety.

Little facts:
-I am only 17. I only started having my period when I was 14.
-Years back I used to skip a month for my period
-I only started having my period every month around June 2016

So here's the thing:

So last March 24 was the last time I had intimate time with my boyfriend. It wasn't really sex and I am still a virgin. He was just wearing his underwear and I was wearing mine too. He was grinding on me, like pressing his penis into mine with his underwear on. On April, I had my period. Normal flow, normal color, with the usual heavy blood clots, normal duration. No symptoms of pregnancy. On April 23, we went to the pool and had some grinding there too but I was wearing my bikini and some swimming shorts and he had shorts on too and the water had chlorine in it. Now it's May 11, I started my period on May 7. BUT IT WAS LIGHTER THAN NORMAL. I didn't get my lower back pains too which I usually get. I typically have heavy periods. But now, I have to force my period out because it's the only way to get them out. On the first day, I woke up at 4 AM with brown discharge but after that it was already all red. The morning of second day, I was sort off relieved because bI had blood on my pad which meant I was releasing while I was asleep. 2nd day was already light and until now, the 5th. It's so weird because it's like I'm forcing myself to have a period because I feel like it needs to go out. I'm having my usual blood clots too. The week before my period started, I may have strained my abdominal muscles and groin muscles too because I tried to work out and the mentioned areas became extremely hard. I have also been under a lot of stress and paranoia lately because of the said issue, pregnancy. I usually cry every night because of how anxious I am. Is this all because of stress?

Please reply asap. I am too shy to consult a gynecologist as I am only 17.
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you aren't pregnant that isn't possible without actual sex
That's what I used to believe as well. I have been looking up this issue for weeks already because of my paranoia and found out that there were some that got pregnant even without sex. Thank you for answering!
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Well the easy way to know is to get a pregnancy test from the dollar store or grocery store!
But could this all be just because of stress?
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Don't worry!! If you have a period at all your not pregnant. I'm 18 and will have extremely heavy periods for months then one month just have brown discharge for a few days. We're teenagers and under a lot of stress and periods are often irregular. Unless your boyfriend ejaculated inside of your vajayjay you cannot be pregnant. I hope you feel better about this I know what you are going through
I tried to talk to him about it and he said he was a hundred and one percent sure he didn't ejaculate in me or near my vulva. I'm still paranoid about it though but your answer has improved my thinking. Thank you so much!
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