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Liquid Discharge

I'm on my third day of fertile week and I had a discharge that is like water. What does that indicate?
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Hi!  Glad you stopped in to chat with us.  Welcome.  So, are you trying to conceive?  Or are you tracking your cycle for birth control reasons?  Sometimes when tracking, we may not be on target for a typical month.  Your period could be coming late so this is thin, watery discharge unrelated to hormonal changes during ovulation.  Does the discharge have any odor?  Bacterial vaginosis or BV has watery discharge but it also had a bad smell.  I agree that if you are trying to conceive you are probably aware that discharge normally gets thicker and rubbery during ovulation so this is an odd type of discharge to happen then.  

Let me know if you are trying to conceive.  Or if it has an odor.  
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