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Has anyone taken Loestrin24fe? My dr. put me on this while we wait for my essure tubal to heal up - I have had cramps (like period cramps) like every single day - and breakthrough bleeding as well. In addition to headaches and overall crappy moods - does this sound familiar to anyone? This never happened to me on OrthoTriCyclene. Thank god it's only temporary, but is it normal? Thanks! Jen
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I was on this for 8 years, and never had any problems.
Inform your dr.
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Yeah, I am going to, I just wanted to hear others experiences with it. I thought I read somewhere that it was pretty new? Guess not if you were on it for 8 yrs. Thanks! -Jen
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Hey Jen,
Can't be THAT new!  Sorry your having problems with it!  Take care,
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I was on Lestrin24fe for 1 month- I thought I was going insane. I had terrible anxiety and mood swings! It has been just over one month off of it, and I am slowly starting to get back to my old self again. It did not agree with me! Before that pill I was on Demuelen and would have slight anxiety/mood swings here and there, I wanted to switch due to low libido. I thought a lower does of estrogen would do the trick, but it turns out I think the Loes. has a higher does of progestrin which causes the depression/anxiety. It was not good for me. There are so many different kinds of pills with different doses. If this one is not right for you, talk with your doctor and see if there is something else you can try. I decided it was time for my body to take a rest after being on the pill for 12 yrs.
Good luck!!
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I feel crazy and cranky! I am SO glad this is temporary! Thank you for sharing your experience, I feel a little less "nuts!"  Thanks!
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ive felt so nauseated , and have vomitted for the last week since being on it , which has been for a week now..    does this feeling pass? im thinking i should take my dose at  nite , opposed to early day, so that it doesnt effect my daily routine?  any suggestions?
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