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Loose stools

So i have been getting loose stools since 3 years now and it all started when i travelled to and fro. I see that the consistency and frequency has quite reduced now but i still get loose stools twice per day. Sometimes i also feel mild lower abdominal and rectal pain while taking poop. I have been stressed too for quite long and this is making me feel more stressed. Can someone give the right cause please? Much appreciated
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Intestinal parasites gotten in a different country?

Have you seen a doctor?
I did consult when i first had bouts of diarrhea and the doc said it might be because i just moved and i shall adjust in a while. I had been travelling back and forth in every 5 months for 4 years  and i thought it might be because of moving and i ignored it. But now when am stable am getting anxious to what might have happened to me. I google stuff and get more worried thinking that i might have ibs or ibd. Is it possible i could have any of these just after travelling or is it some kind of infection? I just dont know am getting so stresssed now :(
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Here is what I know about intestinal parasites after a mishap with my family a large family reunion on a farm.  About 70 of us ate fruit washed in contaminated water and about 70 of us go parasites.  Stink, stank, stunk.  Oh my gosh, the gas associated with having giardia (parasite that I had) was not quite deadly but definitely room clearing.  And I did have loose stools.  But I also lost significant weight.  I got giardia as did my husband and son who was one at the time.  I also had a baby that I was nursing who did not get giardia/intestinal parasites.  Because I was nursing, I did not take the antibiotics they use to treat giardia.  I was told that I'd probably get better even if it took a little while without treatment and I did.  My son and husband took the antibiotics.  My son also at the same time had a different parasite as well.  Because his stool tested positive for two parasites, I spoke to the health department in my city.  The second parasite that my son had was traced to a park we'd been at where he had been picking up rocks along a little lake and throwing them in (favorite past time of many boys including my grown husband!).  With ducks in the area, the health department said that the ducks could poop on the side of the lake onto the rocks and my son picking up those rocks could get it on his hands and then in his mouth.  Wa la.  He has a parasite.  He tried to take antibiotics but could not tolerate them (again, he was 1 going on two at the time, so very young).  He also got better over time.  https://www.aafp.org/afp/2004/0301/p1161.html  That article discusses common parasites people get.

What you do for a parasite to know is provide a stool sample.  call your doctor and ask about supplying this.  They gave us little containers and instructions for retrieval.  

Another possibility is ulcerative colitis.  If you don't have sores, maybe just colitis.  That is a form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with the hallmark being loose stools.    https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/ulcerative-colitis/symptoms-causes/syc-20353326  There are medications to treat this.  

Are you stressed at all?
I am too damn stressed. My routine was really disturbed these years due to studies and i had forgot about myself. And now when am all free my mind thinks about all of these
Stress can have an impact sweetie.  Sounds like this is a contributing factor.  Clean up diet, get rest and exercise. All of this promotes proper digestion.  And colitis is linked to stress.  
Yes, i probably have to change my lifestyle now. Thanks a lot :)
And btw i was so worried i thought i might have any type of STD that is causing loose stools but that thing is i have never been involved in sexual activities, am aware that sounds stupid but could that ever happen in my case? The stress is making me think about unnecessary stuff.
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Hi Messygirl,
I think you should visit a doctor ASAP. It might be due to abdominal infection or anything else.
I will now. Thanks btw
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I would say (though I'm not a doctor and can't say with authority) it sounds a lot like IBS-D or Irritable Bowel Syndrome type Diarrhea. Stress can definitely play a part too.
I thought the same seeing my symptoms
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