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Loose vagina

I am wondering, ever since I had my children my vagina has not gone down to pre-size.  Intercourse can be pretty tough with my husband and makes sex a hassel.  Any suggestions?
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I had the same problem after having 4 children, my vagina seemed huge.  I found a doctor in Minnesota that surgically tightened my vagina and my sex life is pheonominal with my husband now!!! Her name is Dr. Erhard and her website is http://mngaclinic.com/VaginalRejuvenation.aspx

I just love the results!!!
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Yes, MSNiki412 is correct!  I've had 5 children, and my exhusband used to tell me that all the time.  I spoke with my Doctor about it, and he told me that the easiest, fastest, and safest way to correct that is to preform Kegel excersizes.  I didn't have the slightest clue what he was talking about, and he patiently explained it to me like so...

"For the first week, each time you urinate, try to stop in the middle of urination.  It's normal if you can't, but don't let that stop you from trying."

  = at first, I couldn't.  Even though I tried several times while urinating

"Once you feel comfortable enough to recognise the muscles you use to try to stop urinating, even if you are not yet stopping the flow, try flexing them while you are watching TV, or doing dishes... during normal everyday things, don't worry, no one will know you're doing it"

  = I did try this, and for a few days I set myself to do it while in my truck traveling to and from work, as I was sure people would see my concentration, and know... lol

"Don't give up, don't forget about it, and sooner or later, you will be able to stop yourself in mid urination, several times through out, once you've accomplished this, your passage will be back to normal, if not better.  Now, make sure you practice this tightening several times during intercourse as well, it will hieghten your sensations, and keep your muscles firm. A good position for this is military (regular, you on back DH on top) tighten muscles by lifting up your pelvic against him" (I found that hooking my feet behind him helped me to tighten thigh and pelvic muscles, or I would do mini sit ups by meeting him half way for a kiss, he likes that one... lol)

= I don't do the kegels as often as I used to in those first few months, but I make sure to use them during intercourse, because my Doctor was right!!  It does hieghten sensations, and makes me (and hubby) crazy for more!  Now, my current husband (no, I did not leave my last husband because of his rude jokes and insensitivity, but it sure helped me to see the jackass he truly was) says that he can't tell the difference between me, and his ex girlfriend who was a virgin.  I can tell he is not just 'being nice' because he doesn't last very long... (shhhh) .... we're working on ways to avoid this... lol

Hope this helps, sorry if I got to personal, but I've helped other friends with the same problem, and it's been successful...  wishing you the best   =D
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In case you do or will eventually have the time to do sports: any exercise that puts strain on one leg each, like skating, will have the same effect as Kegel exercises. However, all of these exercises just tighten the pelvic floor and not the full length of the vagina. So the myth that everything can be exactly as before childbirth is not quite true. Surgery in that area is a major step and I would do a lot of research.
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I heard that there is a surgery you can have to tighten up your vagina and it will be like you are a virgin again..
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Try doing Kegel exercises.  
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How old is your baby?
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