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Lost my period 7 months.

Hi i lost my period for almost 7 months now. My Ob gave me prescription of taking provera pill to induce my menstruation. I am still waiting fo rmy period to come. What if the pill she gave me can not effectively jumpstart my period? Does infertility a reason to consider of lacking period?
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I am only 27 and had my son 17 moths ago.  I breast fed for 6 months and went off of birth control (the depo shot) about 5 months ago and I still have not had a period.  Do you have any ideas?  Should I ask my OB for something to jumpstart my period?
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Hi, I am 29 years old.  I have never had my period like a normal female, but I have not had a period since before I had my daughter 2 years ago and before that it was once every couple of months if that.  I did not even know I was pregnant as I never gave any thought to not having my period so my pregnancy was a major surprise.  I was 6 months pregnant when I thought my stomach felt hard and took a pregnancy test.  Total surprise.  I would like to have a third child and have gone to talk to my doctor many times about the lack of a period.  It is very hard to become pregnant when you do not menstrate, as that is how your eggs are release, but let it be known that it can happen.  My daughter is living proof of that.  I think you just have a smaller window of time that you can become pregnant.  My doctor has told me that a lack of vitamins can greatly effect whether a women has their period or not, a bad diet, taking drugs or any perscriptions can also cause a women to not have her period, is what my doctor has told me.  There is a pill that your doctor can perscribe that will increase your egg production and aid in getting pregnant.  But, do know that you are not alone.  I thought I was odd because I never have my period.  I started taking vitamins and within a month I did have a small spotty period.  I would suggest taking some prenatal vitamins (as they have everything you need in them whether you are pregnant or not).  My doctor is the one who told me they were the best vitamins to take.
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