I always get this feeling, I always fell like having sex with my classmates that I have a crush on, I dream about having sex often, im 11, Is this healthy? Whats going on! I haven't started my peroid but this is just weird, fellings about boys, even the ugly ones, I always want to have sex, once I was craving for sex I toom my bottle shaped cream and jammed it into my letgs because I wanted it soo much! Ik its nasty but I couldn't help it. Please tell me if there is somethig wrong with me! Or is this naterl i need answers!
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There is nothing wrong with you! It's normal to have sexual urges, especially since you are young and hormones are crazy at that age. And be glad you haven't started yet, it *****! I started at like age 9! The only thing I would say is, if your going to be sexual ... at least be safe about it. I do not in any way agree with someone's choice to be sexual at such a young age but I am not going to judge anyone because of it either.
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You just have high hormone levels!  Nothing wrong with that at all; it's perfectly natural to have the urges and the dreams.  And there's nothing wrong with taking care of those urges on your own using your hands or objects that are clean (to avoid infections of any kind).  It's perfectly healthy to get to know your how your body works, what you like, etc.  

I wouldn't suggest (and would very strongly urge against) acting on those urges with another person at your age as right now you still have a lot of growing up to do emotionally and physically; a sexual relationship at any age can potentially have a lot of emotional strain associated with it and is a big responsibility, even more so when your partner's not in it for more than himself, which can be the case with a lot of teenage boys (and even some young men).  However, as the above poster said: should you ever decide to engage in physical activity with another person, be safe and use protection.
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thank you soo much this has been great to know. Now ik imm not going crazy!
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