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Lower Abdominal Pain?

I have pain in the lower abdominal area.  It's constant, but every once in awhile it will hurt worse, like a spasm.  Which I have had for 5 days now.  Urine and bowel movements are normal.  It doesn't burn when I pee.  I've had some vaginal discharge, but it doesn't smell.  No fever.  I'm constantly queasy, but no vomiting.  I had unprotected sex a 8 days ago.  The last day of my period was 15 days ago. What could be wrong with me?  
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have you gone to the dr.  i had something like that  and it was to the point where i was getting scared and so i went to the er.  are you experiencing any bloating or something?  i am just wondering cause it might be a cyst but i don't know.  go to the Dr.  I felt much better when I found out what it was.  Just find out.
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I called my dr's office and they said it might be a UTI, so I'm going to go get tested for that tomorrow.  Only, it doesn't burn when I pee and I thought that is what happens if it's a UTI.  If that comes up negative, I have to wait til the beginning of December to see the OBGYN.
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No bloating at all.
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So I had my pee tested and I don't have any infections.  The doctor said if I still have these cramps in a couple of weeks to come back.
I looked up my symptoms and the most common suggestions are cysts or pregnancy.
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Today I took a pregnancy test, even though it'll be 14 days before I get my period.  It came up negative.  I know that even if I was pregnant, it would not show this early on a home test, but I had to try.  
Also, starting today, my lower left side where my ovary is started to hurt worse than my right side.  It doesn't hurt when I push on it though.
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I went to 2 different doctors this weekend.  One said he felt a mass on my left ovary and suggested an ultra sound.  Then I went to see my regular phisician and he said he didn't feel any abnormalities.  He gave me a shot for my nausea, which helped a lot!  I was also prescribed Reglan for the nausea. Tuesday, I go for my ultra sound.  
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