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Lower back pain question?

Hello all,

I am back, but with a question. It seems over the years that lower back is becoming more of a problem, this all started about 8yeras ago, when I had my first epidural during labor with my first son. I did not have any back problems after he was born. Then i got pregnant with number two 3 years after my son, and I had the worst pregnancy I was on bedrest for 11 weeks due to preterm labor, that did not go well with my back, sitting around all day, when I went into labor with her the labor pains were so bad I again requested for a epidural. After she was born I would get backpain only if I stood for long periods at a time. Then i had number three and again got another epidural, and that's when it all started to get worse! the backpain would happen around my period, and if I stood too long I would get the lower back pain.

it has been 3 years since the birth of child number three, and it seems my back problem is getting worse. I also do Tae Bo, I don't think it's helping me at all, szome parts of the workout have you do twisting where you twist your waist, and only your waist to get rid of the love handles, it works great and i do not have love handles anymore, but i think it's irritating my lower back too much. I've been doingtae bo for two years on and off.

Now my biggest complaint it getting woken up at night with severe lower back pain, i cannot sleep anymore, I told my husband several times that my lower back is killing me.
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I wasn't finished, what I was going to say is I am afraid to go to a back doctor, to have them say nothing is wrong with me I am fine, or it's all in my head, but waking up with a stiff back every morning is bad!! The pain is also around where they put the epidural in me, that's where it all starts, and then it either spreads to my upper back or just stays in the lower back, sometimes I do have to lay on my hardwood floor to get relief. has this happened to anyone with epidurals, do you have back pain because of them? i am beging to believe that epidurals are very bad for the mother, and i wish I never got one, i should have to just delat with the pain instead.

any suggestions?? plus I also believe I may be getting the back problem where it starts in the lower back and radiates down through your legs, and it has to do with your disk?? i can't think of the name??

thanks for hearing me out!!
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In Feb.05 I decided to rearrange my living room. And I was trying to move a sleeper sofa that I think weighed about 6 tons, LOL when I hit the floor. Their was a noise from my lower back and then the pain was so sudden and extreme that I hit the floor.
Long story kinda short.. 2 herniated discs with nerve impingement. Microdiscectomy in June 04. Failed surgery. The pain goes all the way into feet and toes and is a constant daily battle to get out of bed and walk at all. I have had every procedure imaginable and PT weekly. I too had several epidurals during delivery of my children. 5 children 3 epidurals. The first time I had one he sent the medicine up instead of down and had severe ringing in the ears and headaches even though he snatched it out as soon as he realized he'd messed up. Then another one while he was administering it and was telling me to be very still, he hit a nerve. I felt like a bucket of ice water hit my left buttock and my body thrusted forward. He yelled at me for moving but I backfired on him telling him that HE moved me when he hit the nerve. Needless to say, I told him he was done and to get out of my room. I did it without. My pregnancies were all before my back injury and I often wonder if the epidurals had anything to do with the condition of my spine. I'm sure carrying 5 pregnancies to term didn't help either.
The only thing I can tell you is that you NEED to have an MRI done. See a Neurosurgeon and let him find out what is going on. And something is going on. The fact that you are now having pain radiating down your legs DOES imply that you have a disc putting pressure on the nerve root and it needs to be taken care of before scar tissue is formed or arthritis sets in. He will probably suggest that you have Physical Therapy for a few weeks to try to rectify the problem and it does often work. But you should be seen sooner rather than later.
Believe me, I limp EVERYWHERE I go and I average about 3 hours of sleep per night. I am a Medical Asst. that can no longer work, and so the financial burden is all on my husband. I could go on and on about how this has changed my life, but my intention wasn't to whine to you.LOL
Please go get it checked out. It is vital. Good luck and let me know how you're doing.
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Wow i am so sorry to hear about what you have gone through ouch!!! i have never personally injured my back ever, so yes I do assume it is epidural related for me. I have read that back problems after an epidural does effect 16.5% of women. it's low but still it's a concern. My husband thinks it's all in my head of course. he said fine go see a back doctor they will tell you the same thing it's all in your head, yeah right?!?!? i believe if it is all in the head I would have made it go away on my own, but it's not, and not getting any rest here, it a concern to me, because I have two children under the age of 6, and one 8 year old. so I need my rest to function during the day and have the energy to play with them and such!!

Thanks for responding, I will call the back doctor at my clinic and get an appointment, hopefully it's nothing serious and it will go away soon?? that's what I am hoping!

please take care of yourself!!
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I also had 2 epidurals,  one 16 years ago and another one 5 years ago.   I had no problem after the first epidural but I have had the lower back pain for the last 5 years since giving birth to my daugter.  I went to the doctor, had the MRI, went to a chiropractor and the physical therapy and it never worked for me.  I am constant awaken in the middle of the night from the lower back pain,   that is why I am up tonight.  So I can sympathize with you.   its not all in your head.   I feel your pain
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Hi there, just read your input and you sound just like me. I had two epidural with my two children now aged 5 and 3. I have pains on my lower back and it seems to get worse with the time. I wake up stiff every morning and can not sit for too long and done even dare carry anything heavier than 2 kgs.  I have had manual masage, been to the chiropractic here in switzerland and recently had acupuncture which did nothing for me. Am still looking for a solution. However, what really helps a bit and I cannot sleep without it is a long pilow which I used when breastfeeding. I lie on my side on place it btn my legs, this way I feel comfortable. i also realised that jogging helps a bit. i now want to try pirates. I have been told that my back stomach and muscles have been weakend and I need to strengthen this. Try the pilow it will definately give you some comfort. i even travel with it.lyall.***@****
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