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Lower left abdominal discomfort/pain

I have had a lower left stomach discomfort/pain for sometime now.  I am a female aged 33 yrs old. It started on March07, I woke up with sharp pain on my left ovary.  I rushed to the emergency room where I was treated and went home.  The doctor told me it was one of the ovarian cyst or infection from my bowl movement.  I was given pain killers and antibiotics that I finished and was told the pain will go away after I had my period.  Since then, I have been experiencing this discomfort (painful sometimes), which doesn't go away. Sometimes I feel pain when I exercise or do lots of physical work.  During my periods I feel cramps (though I had cramps throughout my life) now with more pain on the left side.  And I also see slimy blood towards the end of my period.

Now, the strange thing is I feel like this uncomfortable feeling is lessening on front and is moving towards the back of the same area.

What could this be?

Thanks, Lika2
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I would go to a gyno and have them work you over, sounds like you have a cyst, you get them every month them your body sheds them, then you get another one, you can take bc pills which is supposed to relieve the symptoms but i did and it never helps, i had one leak fluid and it hurt when i sat down exercised etc, putting pressure on the overy,  but you could also have an infection if you leaked fluid form it, thats why you feel pain all around it.  it a cyst gets to be a real big deal they will lazer it off, the one i had that leaked was alomst twice the size as the ovary, luckly is dissolved, but not before it made my life hell. hope this helps you, and your alright emily
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Thank you Verratti4.  Yes, I am planning to go for a ct-scan for the second time.  When I got the first scan I had a cyst of 4cm on my left ovary, the dr. said it will go away with the period I was going to start.  Yes, the pain lowered but then I got this uncomfortable feeling most of the time when I do something physical.

Thank you for you advice about taking bc pills.  My gyno wanted me to start but I refused until they are very sure it is a cyst.  Or something that can be worked out by bc pills.

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