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Lump in armpit

I noticed about 2 months ago, a good size lump or knot in my left armpit, it hurts when u touch it. The way I found it I wasputting on my deodorant one morning and it burned really bad so I stopped using it and the next morning had a knot undermy armpit. I assumed it was caused by the deoderant clogging the pores under my arm and it was an infected hair or something , well it's Been 2 months now and it hasn't gone away. Should I be concerned that it maybe cancerous.I am only 20 but I havehad two of my grandmothers die of the same cancer . I don't know if this is relivant or not but I'm really sore In places I know I haven't hit on anything .... And I have been extremely tired lately
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Go see your Dr.
It sounds like a cyst maybe. Or it could be a lymph node.
What ever is going on it needs to be checked out. Take care. Remar

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