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Lump in jaw

Last July 2010,  I had a fever for a couple days of 103 and an extremely sore throat. I felt horrible for about five days and tired for the next month after. I do not have health insurance and due to a medical emergency with one of my children, I could not afford to go to the doctor. A week or so after my throat quit hurting I started getting swollen lymph nodes on my right side at the base of my neck-shoulder area which sometimes can be seen and can always be felt. It is significantly larger than my left side. I also developed a lump between my ear and jaw. (same side) It is not something that is easily felt from the outside by others. However, I can feel it and move it around. It hurts to do so though. After six months of on and off again low grade fevers of 99-100 degrees (my normal temp is 97.8 - 98)  I went to a walk in clinic. The doctor ran a blood test on me and determined that my blood work was fine. they thought I was okay. No other suggestions were offered. Fast forward a year and I am still not the same person.The lump in my ear/neck area is constantly tender and painful. The majority of the time I have an earache. This has been causing me discomfort and pain now for a year! I feel dismissed by the doctor I saw and cannot afford to keep going back without results. I need a direction or suggestions as to what to do next. I am losing sleep over this and feel an urgency to press on. I am  a female, age 42, 5;3", 135 lbs.Thank you. I appreciate your feedback.
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I have had some of the same issues, swollen lymph nodes under my Jaw, ear and and near my temple the doctor had put me on antibiotics and they all went down, I had it another time but it was swollen on my forhead and down the side by my temple and ear and jaw once more but it looked like I had a scab just above my hairline where it was red and getting bigger so he perscribed antibiotic cream and it went away. He never told me what it was.
Is this all happening on one side of your body?  Normally when lymph nodes swell up its because there fighting off an infection of some sort. Are you sore around your collar bone  or under your armpits, any lumps in those areas?  Have you had a mammogram lately ?
Just from past experience that is why i am asking.  
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I had a mammogram last October and a follow up ultra sound. All good there. No lumps under my arms. Yes, I am sore around my collar bone. (I have been diagnosed with a bakers cyst on the back of my left knee, but am beginning to wonder if the series off small lumps may instead be related to my other lumps.) My pain and lumps are primarily associated with my right side of my jaw ear and neck area. Often times the whole side of my neck feels tight and swollen on the inside and under my tongue as well. I feel like something is pressing on nerves causing tingling soreness and discomfort.
I asked the doctor if antibiotics would be a consideration for treatment 6 months ago and I got the talk about the over use of antibiotics. I have still not taken any type of antibiotics in regard to this problem. I have seldom been prescribed antibiotics in my adult life and have rarely had a need for them. I am beginning to wonder if I should try that route.

I did not add in my first comment that in the last year I have developed quite an extreme reaction to hair dye. I have been coloring my hair every four months for many years as the women in my family begin to turn gray in their 30's. My reactions were slight at first so I wasn't even sure I was reacting to the dye. The last time I used a permanent dye, I decided to quit coloring my hair. My head swelled and my scalp turned bright red for a few days. It was not good. Could hair dye be the culprit? Do you use hair dye? I feel like I am grasping at straws! Thanks for your feedback!
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MMMmmm yes I have had reactions to hair dye as well and my head burns, it happens with perms as well but it goes away after a couple of days and never seems to get worse with each application. I have heard of people having bad reactions to hair dye and perms and had to stop using them. That could be a cause to the swollen lymph nodes.
I use antibiotics off and on depending on what and I too try not to use them to much but sometimes there is no choice and I have to use them. If your lymph nodes stay inflamed and swollen I would suggest some tests though as this could be an underlying problem else where and your lymph nodes are trying to fight off an infection or something else. Its good to hear your mammo came back ok :)  But if it keeps up I would push a bit further for an answer as to why.  I am hoping someone else on here might have a better suggestion of symptoms like yours that they can help you with.
If you find out what it is let me know. But the hair dye I would stay away from :)

Good luck and I hope you feel better :)

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