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Lump just outside of vaginal entrance

For the past few weeks I've noticed this long, tender pink lump completely covering my vaginal entrance. It is very tender and slightly hurts if I touch it. I can't see around it nor can I fit a tampon inside my vagina. I am a virgin, I'm quite sure it's not a cyst, and I'm pretty sure my cervix has not collapsed. I don't feel any discomfort whilst I am sitting and sometimes it is covered in a small coat of discharge. It seems as if it is connected to the outside of my urethra, and gradually gets bigger towards the end of my opening.
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Sounds most like a blocked gland. Basically a pimple. There are a lot of glands in the vaginal area. Sweaty rubbing like with sex or exercise can cause dead skin & bacteria to get pushed into the pore & block the gland secretion. Showering after sex & applying a heating pad for 10 minutes 2-4 times daily can help. If this does not help, kindly go to the hospital. You might be sure that it is not cyst. But maybe it is something serious. You cannot rule any possibilities right now. About the cervix collapsing I do not think so too. There is this clinic that can help you. It is called BTC and they really have good services. I am sure they can solve anything that might be worse than that. But since you are not feeling any discomfort. I do not see anything to worry about. However you should just be certain what the problem is. Since you are also a virgin we can rule possibilities if infection. Or maybe you might be fingering. But still I do not think I can right now rule anything out. See a doctor for precise information.
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