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Lump near pubic bone

I am 20 years old and I have a lump on the right side of my vagina. It is near my pubic bone, near the hairline. You can't see it but you can feel it when you apply pressure and move in circular motion. It is about the size of a marble and does cause some pain, but nothing drastic. There is also some swelling around it. But I am very worried and tried researching on it. I really need some advice right now. Please, help me.
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I would go see a doctor or your ob/gyn about it if you suspect anything! Do not try to research this on the internet- get a professional opinion as soon as you can. It may be nothing serious, but at least it'll put your mind at ease and you can get proper treatment for whatever may be the cause.

Good luck and let us know how things go :)
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Please go get it checked out.  One of my sisters(33yr) noticed a lump at the end of feb/beginning of March.  Told my mom about it my mom said go to the dr.  My sisters Dr. had just left his practice.  It took her about 2-3wks. To get in.  make a long story short she was told that she had vulva cancer. She had surgery two weeks later. Since then she has been super sick(throwing up non stop).  She can't recieve radiation or chemo till she gets better, because both of those treatments wreak havak on your body and she needs to be strong enough to handle it. As of two days ago we were told that the cancer has now spread to her kidneys and around her arota(sorry about spelling.  The doctors do not giver her much hope(us much hope) except for a Miracle from God.    Some maybe thinking did  she ahve multiple sex partners.  Nope. She was a virgin until she was married 4 years ago.

So please for the sake of your health and life- go to the doctor.  No family should have to go through this.

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i had something similiar happen to me once, turned out to be a cyst....non life threatening....but a relief to know so go see ur doc....it will at least ease your mind
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I just found a lump two weeks ago.
I can't get into my Dr. for 3 more weeks.
Reading these has me scared to death.
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I have had many lumps and bumps in the vaginal lip area. First thing is not to panic. You'll just make yourself feel worse which won't help you get better... trust me. Most times its just a blocked hair folical or pore. I put hot moist faceclothes on the area as often as possible to try to draw them out. And dry the area very well before putting on clothes. You should definetly make an appointment to see a doctor asap  but your body may very well take care of the infection before you go. Keep the apointment to be sure its cleared up. The worst lump I ever had took my clinic over 6 months to final get me back to "normal'. We had tried 3 courses of different antibiotics over the course of 5 months and the lump would grow and shrink accordingly but never quite go away. Finally I ended up having surgery. The lump itself was about 1 inch to the right of where a woman may tear during delivery of a large baby! It was occasionally quite painful. Because of its location the doctor I saw opted to remove the entire lump rather than putting in a wick to try draining. She called it an "perirectal cyst" but said that the terminology was not quite right do to its location. I ended up with about a half dollar size hole in my vaginal area that took about 2 weeks to close and I was left with a very tiny scar.  As a matter of fact I have an appointment tomorrow for another lump in the same general area. It is very deep beneath the skin. Sore to the touch. I have also have a small lump beneath an obvious hair folical that is clearing up as well that I noticed a week ago it is already beginning to shrink. The main thing is once you get a lump to get treatment started asap before the body walls it off which is why I had to have surgery. Any other lumps I have found over the years have been treated via antibiotics and have cleared up within a few weeks. The lump removed via surgery was not cancerous. Hopefully this one will clear up without surgery too.
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Saw the doctor yesterday. I'm now on Cephalexin for the next 10 days and got Terconazole for a YI too. I've only taken 3 pills and th elump already seems to be shrinking here's hoping it disappears! Hope you've gotten help too.
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hi, i just read your forum. i have just found some lumps on my vaginal area and am vey worried im 20 and the lumps are at the pubic bone and i dont know where to go to get them checked, should i go to my doc or should i go to an std centre?
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GO to the doctor ASAP...Knowledge is a form of prevention!
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I have the exact same thing! ! my lump is about the sise of a pee.. im 15 and dont really want to tell any1.. What can i do???!?! shout i wait and see what happens?
please help   -> very worried!
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im 24 and iv a lump in exact same place as u same symptoms and everything did u find out what it was
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I just noticed a lump way under the skin, you can't see it, only feel it when you put pressure there. It also feels about the size of a marble. I asked a few friends and they said another possibility is that area is also where you have lymph nodes. Sometimes they swell depending on your hormones. I explained to them though that this is like in the pubic area almost where my leg meets the pubic area but on the actual pubic area. It does give quite a bit of discomfort when I push on it. Has anyone had anything like this?
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Yah, I have the same thing ive noticed it since i was 15 and it scares me. it doesnt hurt or nething only wierd feeling when i push on it mine is on the left side thou. im 19 now and nothing is diffrent its the same size and same feeling. Ive never gone to the doc im afraid of them they always got bad news i figure if i just die one day and not know that i was dying then ill be happier. i knw its a wierd way to look at it but im just tarified so if you go to the doc and get some answers please post something thanks...
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Most likely, the lumps are just swollen lymph nodes.  Your Inguinal lymph nodes extend all around your pelvis.  They can swell up for no reason, but do so mostly due to infection.  If it can move, doesn't hurt (unless you mess around with it for a period of time), and it's not hard, that's probably what it is... but GET CHECKED OUT.  I cannot stress that; what if you die because you were too embarrassed?  Pointless.  Don't worry. But don't wait.
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Yah, Im 17 and last night when i got out of the shower i saw that i had a lump on my pelvic bone area it is the size of a marble and moves around and is also hard and hurts when i touch it,im scared that it might be cancer just to even think about it worries me to death.i read some of the things on this page it know im worried more then before.my mother has called my doctor but i cant get in intill the middle of Aug and to let it go for that long it awful.i just hope it isnt anything B-I-G!
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I had a very similar lump to the ones some of you are describing, a small marble sized lump, not terribly hard, but firm, on the left side, on the edge of my hairline, and tender to the touch. I went to the doctor, and very quickly she knew what it was. It turned out that I had another bump about five inches above the lower one which was only noticable if I layed with my left foot resting on my right knee. She diagnosed it as Folliculitis.  I had developed an infection that was brought on by shaving my pubic area, and the infection caused the lymph nodes to swell in an act to try and fight it off. So all the lumps were were swollen lypmh nodes!  She prescribed me some meds to help fight the infection and advised me not to shave.  Apparently shaving is bad for you because it leaves open areas for bacteria to enter. She also said many women who don't shave their pubic areas are also at risk for these bumps by just shaving their legs. It's not a very serious condition, but if not treated it could eventually become a very painful abcess that could require surgery. With my medication and not shaving my lumps dissapeared in a week or two!  So either way, get it checked out! Better to be safe than sorry! And thank you to all the women who posted their thoughts! It helped alot when I first found my lump!
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i'm 16 and yesterday night, i found a lump around my hair line, its firm but tender, i slept for like 6 hours and i woke up first thing in the morning since i couldn't  ignore it anymore!!
then i found this page, which made me a bit calmer.
my heart and mind were racing like so fast and all these thoughts just came to me...."is this cancer, is it cervical cancer? i wish i had taken that vaccine, when i was getting all my other immunizations, will they remove my uterus, will i ever have kids?? the kids i long for so much? will i have to start saving up for a surrogate...."
lol   i just hope its the lymph nodes.....since its less serous...
i need to go see a doctor i know, but isn't it embarrassing??
and i dont have a gynecologist, just a regular pediatric doctor....should i get a gynecologist??
but that would take longer but i don't want to have to get the wrong information with my general doctor, which would be even worse.
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Now it maybe be something else, serious maybe. I'm no professional but it sounds to me, like you have the same thing I did! I started to flip out and thin it was cancer and what not and it was in the same place and the same size as you explained. And after I went to see my doc about it he told me it was nothing but a swollen lyphnode. Yeah, apperantly you can get one of the ones down there swollen mostly due to sex (from what you secrete) But yeah, it coyld most definatly be a swollen lymphnode.
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Im 15.
Have the same marble sized lump.
I found it 2 days ago.
I dont know how to tell my mom i need to go to the doctor.
I have never really been open to her about these kinds of things.......
like i cried when i told her i started my period
ya im a freak anyways
how would i tell her?
should i just ignore it and hope it goes the way?
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I have a very small lump like pimple near my pelvic bone too recently and when close my leg, hurt abit cos it become slightly bigger and swell abit, quite the same as everyone describe but will wait till Monday, if still not subside, will c a lady doctor.

I will update you guys what's that? ok
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hi, i have the same lump too. could it mean anything to do with being pregnant?
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I also have a lump on the right side between the vagina and where my leg meets. You can't see it, but I can feel it, it feels about the size of a golf ball. It doesn't hurt when I push on it, but it feels strange.  I'm starting to get worried but i'm also hoping that it's just a swollen lymphnode.  I'm going to call the gyno tomorrow and make an appt!!
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i have had a lump for over year, it has been draining for almost a year
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My daughter had a lump and found out it was a hernia.  We got her to have it fixed as it was causing discomfort...otherwise we might have just left it alone...my daughter says that it wasn't a difficult surgery and she felt little discomfort from it.  I myself have had three lumps removed. one was a stitch left over from my pregnancy that 6 years later had formed a rather large cyst (size of a quarter) just on the bottom inside of my vagina that I had to have removed.  One was from a very swollen hair follicle (about the size of a nickle) that got infected because of shaving and I had that removed and that was on my outer vulva.  And the other time I had mono and I had a very badly and painfully swollen lymph node at which also spread to the other side two weeks later.  So you see there are many things a lump can come from and not just cancer.  The important thing is that you don't ignore them, but get them checked out as most all are simple and have simple cures.  Hope this helps the fear that some of you have.
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