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Lump on Vaginal Outer Lips PLEASE HELP!!!

I have almost the same problem. After being put on antibiotics for strep throat, bronchitis, and a bad bladder infection I ended up with a yeast infection(which is common on certain antibiotics) During the treatment of my yeast infection I had sores on the inside of my vagina from scratching so bad, Then a little bump (with no head or anything) appeared on my clitorous, making it so sore to touch. Again I am assuming that it was a little tear from scratching. Well the yeast infection and sores and little bump have all gone away since the treatment of my yeast infection. NOW I have 2 bumps, a little bigger than a pea, on each side of my outter lip, down close to where my butt cheeks begin. They are practically in the same spot but on each side of my lip. the bump starts on the inside of the skin. When I squeeze it i can feel it inside. The outer skin is swollen and slightly raised. They are very painful. I am married and neither of us have any STD's or for that matter cheat. I do shave and almost never wear underwear. I dont know if any of this contributes to a diagnosis of what I have. I do not have insurance and can not afford to go to the doctor and the local health department is disgusting and I refuse to go. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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I have 2 spots on either side of my labia as well! In the exact same spot as yours. I have been to doctor after doctor. I've had them grow and shrink many times over the last few years, but they don't really bother me unless I'm sexually active. There's no head, no colour, nothing. But I've been experiencing extreme discomfort during penetrative sex as well. not localised at all, just general discomfort, and pain in my lower abdomin. I don't know if they're related. But I know mine aren't STD's either. I have crohn's disease as well, and I think it may be related? I'm going to a specialist in a week.. But have no advice other than that.. Can anybody else contribute.. please??
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