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Lump under left arm pit

Dear Dr.

I'm a 22year old white female.  I am concerned about a small painful lump that has occured under my left arm-pit.  It is probably the size of a 5pence peace, under the skin, with no head, but a slight reddish tinge around the top of it.  Is this Lymp Noodles, if so what are these? is this cause for concern?

I also have a rash on my legs, that has been a problem for about a year.  I believe it developed when a friend of mine told me i should get treated for scabies, as she had become infected.  i did get treated, and it may be unrelated, but this rash developed around that time, and would not go away.  It was itchy, and painfull, and it was all i could do not to scratch untill it bled.  I have been taking lots of suplements and deliberatly not shaving my legs, as this seems to irritate the area when the hairs grow back through. I also tried a dose of Sulphur, a homeopathic remedy, which seems to have some effect, the rash worsend considerably, but has now begune to clear up. I have quite a lot of scar tissue on my legs, and the small areas that have not fully cleared yet, sometimes develop small infected scabs, that when removed contain a hair, and pus.  i have been bathing these areas in salt water, which although stings like mad, does seem to be clearing up the last of this rash.

Are these connected do you think?  When researching these symptoms on the net i was horrified that HIV came up?! i had a HIV test only two/three years ago, and have been with the same partner for the last four years.  I also had a blood test last year, would HIV have shown up on a routine Blood test (pre-termination)?

I am so worried that there may be something wrong with me, i may be blowing these symptoms out of all proportion! I am otherwise a very healthy, quick healing (apart from legs!) young girl.  Though i will note, i do have Acne and sometimes boils, for which i take diannte.

Any help or advise would be greatly appriciated.

Kind Regards
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It could be lympnodes, a pimple anything.I know you have lympnodes underneath but I heard lympnodes are not painful.Call your doctor get checked so your mind will be eased....
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