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Lumps in Lower Right Abdomen, Lymph Glands but now hard ovary/fallopian tube

About a month ago I did some heavy spring cleaning and the next morning woke up with some weird lumps on my lower right abdomen. They matched an inguinal hernia. After a month, I started to experience some pain and discovered lumps to the right of my vagina. I woke up one morning in a puddle and called the Teledoc (the only medical that my job provides). He told me that I had an infection of the lymph nodes and prescribed Keflex which I am taking. I cannot afford cancer or other life threatening diseases. The hard lumps on my right side are now reduced to hard small tendrils which I can feel. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Hi there!  Ugh, I hate finding 'things' like this.  Try not to worry and go straight to ideas like cancer because that is very unlikely. Just a couple of questions.  Do you feel you may still have a hernia?  It can happen from lifting as you describe with heavy spring cleaning (I need to do that myself even though it is fall here, ha).  That in my experience is like a deep pain.  How old are you if I may ask?  And when you say you woke up in a puddle, a puddle of what?  Urine, sweat, discharge?  That info would help.  And did your doctor say that the lymph node itself was infected or that you had an infection and the lymph node reacted s they often do by swelling.  The lumps hurt?  Were they hot to the touch or inflamed? And the lumps were INSIDE your vagina or to the side of them on the outside?  Sorry for all the questions but I think it would help to answer you.  I've had suspicions of a hernia myself and various lumps, yes.  

Last thing, the lumps have gotten smaller, correct?  Do they hurt?
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