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Lymph node on right side of neck

I'm 21 years old. Two days ago I got a really bad cold and my throat hurt etc. I did notice the day before that on my right side of my neck in between my ear and shoulder that I had a pea size lump. I cannot notice it by just looking at my neck but if I tilt my head to the left and feel around I can feel it. Idk if I had this before or if it just came up since I got sick. Idk if it's anything to worry about or not. I've also been stressed a lot recently and I know that lymph nodes can swell because of that as well. I've been stressing a lot about my health recently and I think that's causing all my problems.
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It's common for lymph nodes to swell before sickness. It's your body ramping up to fight off whatever has invaded your body.
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Yes but it's still there now even though I'm not too sick anymore. Still taking antibiotics but feeling better. Maybe this always happened to me but since I've been a lot more stressed about my health I noticed it now.
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