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MC and other related things

AS some may remember I have my TVS on 4th sept which is slowly on its way. And even tho Ive waited as long as I have I still wonder if Im doing the rite thing. And also a little nervous what they may say. I know this may sound silly, but one thought I did have was what if I really had a MC in march cos that positive was faint but obvious and it just didnt all come out. I know its possible but what is the likelyness? I have been having what I would have to call periods but they are shorter, last 2 days and tail off the 3rd day to a finish where it used to be 5 full days of bleeding lighter on the 1st and 5th and then tailed off over maybe day 6 and 7. This was even the same after I had my first stillborn and 2 after, and whilst on pill. Every time I have a 'period' its late (used to be 28cycle) and also seems quite fleshy, I had a good look to be sure and there are defi bits that are dif to the clots.

Ive read on here that blighted ovums can give pos, I had more pos about I think 2 months ago now, and I contacted the people I bought from on ebay and asked about false pos and they said they never been told they have etc and the lines all came within the first 5 mins altho some quite faint totally visable. I havent bothered anymore cos after that (I bought 30) and no sign of a baby I gave up.  Could I have that and how would I know? Could that be why my stomach is still getting bigger despite exercise?
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And yesterday I had those pains again quite intense not as long as the first time. Could I have ovulated and have cysts and thats what causes the pain? I should of noted cos then it might of helped.  I have the pain on and off today aswell tho, I had AF on 1st Aug til 4th Aug Would I have ovulated yet? I woudlnt of thought so.

Like someone said ages ago, if I wait til the appointment they may do things more thurough but Im still worried. I dont know what to do or think anymore. Please people give me some feedback. I guess I just have it in my head that MC isnt off the list since it happened so late the first time and my youngest could of gone the same way if I didnt push things. Could that  of been what messed me up recently? And would it stop me getting pregnant again? People on here seem to feel withdrawal alone is no good but it worked for me so far and my youngest is nearly 2yrs, could it be something else Im missing?

sorry for the long ramble Il skulk off now sorry....
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Honey, sorry to be so dumb, but what is a TVS?  A trans-vaginal ultrasound?  It sounds like you are concerned that you had a miscarriage but it wasn't complete?  Or that you didn't really have a miscarriage because the hpts were wrong?  Or that you are still finishing one off?  I'm a little lost, besides not knowing the acronym.
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yes trans vaginal scan. The thing is Im not sure I had one cos there was no bloods done or anything and the A&E just sent me away, and I was late for my period that month, so I thought the bleeding could of been a MC but I never had one that early so wouldnt know what to expect but it only lasted a couple of days (the bleeding) so I went to the dr and she said Im not pregnant even tho I had faint positives after that so from then Ive been unsure what happened to me.
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Well, there is the thing called a "chemical pregnancy," where a trace of hCG appears in a test and then you go on and have a regular or slightly heavy or late period, and then you aren't pregnant.  Too bad the tests you took were online buys, so you aren't positive they were that reliable.  Chemical pregnancy isn't known for leaving any tissue behind, like later miscarriages might have a slight risk to do, because in essence it has not created any tissue except just a few cells, like 8 or 16 cells.  The ultrasound will certainly put your fears of tissue remaining to rest.  Also, if you did have any remaining, it probably would have given you more definite symptoms after all these months, like infection or pain.  Sounds to me like you will be told in September that you are OK to start ttc again, if that is your goal.
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I went to the dr today hoping to be refered to gyny emergency but she said the only way she can do that is if I was pregnant and bleeding or maybe even just bleeding, or if she suspected me of cancer which she said she didnt. She didnt test me but how would she know? Anyway she kept going on about how much she had done to try to help etc. You know I dont know about USA but UK ur arm has to be hanging off for u to be taken seriously! And then u still have to wait in a queue! I guess its just the waiting game for me again.

I was actually thinking I could have endeotiosis (Sp! terrible I know!) I was reading thru the posts here today and say it mentioned so looked it up. It said symptoms are general or localised pain in pelvic area, have, pain during bowel movement which aches after - have, pain during intercourse especially deep penetration have! an man thats annoying! Cant remember the rest but I had a few of what it said the only thing I dont have is in between bleeding. Any thoughts on that and if I have is it dangerous to be left?

Thanks Annie u seem to be the only one who answers me, maybe my questions are a bit dumb.
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