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Hello all!! I know the logical answer is to go see a doctor which I have scheduled to do in the meantime I'm losing it...I have no idea what my ovulation days are and all that never kept track however my periods are usually pretty regular, I had unprotected sex on 5/2 right before period was due, started period on 5/3 and ended on 5/9, it was definately lighter than usual but enough to be a full period not just spotting, during my period I had sex on the 3rd protected and the 9th un protected, I have missed every period since then...had one bout of nausea due to the smell of chicken shortly after, a breakout of heavy acne on the side of my chin that won't go way but other than that no more sickness, no sore breast nothing, have taking many hpt's which have been negative and even tried diluting my urine to rule out hook effect still negative...the last 2 days I have had a cramp/achy sensation in my pelvic area that hurts with sudden cough or movement, also thick white discharge...I brushed it off because I though the likelyhood.of me getting pregnant the day before I had my period and during where slim to none and then negative pregnancy test as well, I have 2 other children and had dizziness and sore breast with both pregnancies as well as positive hpt...I'm 31 years old by the way any chance of premature menapause?
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Hi- Have you continued having sex since 5/9? Protected or unprotected?

You're a bit young for menopause to begin but I suppose it's possible; not likely though.

When you cough and feel that pain, is it more to the right?  Are you testing the first urine of the day?

So many things can cause a missed period or more. Stress over time, rapid weight loss, exercise, certain meds...
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Yes the pain started more to the right side but now seems to just be in my pelvic area, also having heavier discharge..this only started yesterday..I have just done scattered testing I don't believe I have done exact first morning testing...
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You should always test the first urine of the day when hormone levels will be the highest.

With appendicitis, coughing will produce a sharp, right sided pain. That's why I asked about that.

Of anything, I would lean toward being pregnant but it's a wait and see game right now.  Try to relax if you can.
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