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Hi- I had an MRI and they see a 0.8cm enhancing nodule in the left upper outer posterior breast abutting my implant. The radiologist wrote probably benign. There is no evidence of suspicious axillary or internal mammary lymphadenopathy bilaterally. I had to follow up with a sonogram and a biopsy. I am very nervous. I get sonograms every 6 months and mamo every year. Actually my mammo prior to the MRI was perfect.
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What is your implant full of, saline? Did the doc think it was possible for it to just be a leak?
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Annie  did you receive my last response? I don't  see in this blog.
All I've seen is what is showing on the screen.
ok, i sent the response and for some reason it did not appear. Thank you for getting back to me. My implants are full with saline and based on the MRI there is no evidence of implant rupture. It states that my breasts are moderately glandular/dense. There is moderate background enhancement which limits MRI evaluation.
i have a few stable nodules on both breasts, but the 0.8cm enhancing nodule in the upper outer posterior breast abutting the implant demonstrates progressive enhancement and is probably benign. The nodule abuts the implant. As I mentioned in previous post, I go every 6 months for sonogram of both breasts because my doctor recommends it due to the dense breasts, along with once a year Mammo.
Well, I would second the idea that it is benign. There is a lot written about enhancing nodules seen in MRIs usually being benign.
Thank you! Im so nervous, will be going for the biopsy on Tuesday.
Hi - I just had my biopsy with guided sono, not too bad, no pain. The doctor was able to feel the nodule . I touched it and it felt smaller than a pea. They said the size was less than 0.8cm as previously indicted on the MRI. Now its the waiting period. They said I might have results by Friday.
Hi - I received my results and I have cancer. They called it Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. The doctor said its in very beginning stage 1. I have an appointment to see the surgeon on Monday. He spoke to me about Lupectomy. I had cancer 26 years ago and had radiation on my chest. Would I be able to get radiation again? Any information about this type of cancer would be helpful.
I just received my pathology report and the tissue measured 0.4 up to 1.3cm in length by 0.2cm in diameter. They confirmed its Grade 1
I guess your chances of it not being benign were stronger since you have had cancer before? Very early stage 1 would have spread out of your milk duct to the breast tissue, but not to your lymph nodes, which explains why the doctor feels a lumpectomy would handle it. Have you read the material on invasive ductal carcinoma from the American Cancer Society?
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