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I dont have insurance and my periods are crazy...it all started last year when i had my period for 3 months straight. it would be light one week and then extremly heavy another week. my periods have always been weird sense i had my first one when i was 14 or 15...i would skip months and never have any cramping...(doc said because i played sports) now i am not active at all and i am really thin but thats heriditary. 6'0 120lbs..trust me i cant gain weight. anyways ever sense i had the 3 month period i have periods for months at a time and they are very painful some days and really heavy and i pass clots, when i am off my period i have very watery discharge that has no oder but i have to wear a pad or panty linere because if not it will soak through my underwear and pants...and i will only be off of my period for 1 to two weeks and then back on it for a month or two..its been two months now and im still on it, i started taking birth control pills, but that made me be in severe pain and bleed alot more, i have to wake up 3 to 4 times a night and change clothes because i have accidents. should i be even taking birth control pills because i dont even know whats causing the bleeding? i dont know what to do because i dont have insurance or a car to get to a free clinic. i dont have any friends in this city so i cant get a ride. i dont have money because i only get paid 6 bucks an hour and i have a daughter to take care of and all my money goes to bills and feeding her...what should i do...im scared i might have cancer or something. Im 25 does anyone have any suggestions?
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