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Masturbation will give me excrutiating periods. Is this normal?

I apologize for this being gross. I couldn't find my exact problem anywhere. I really need advice.

If I simulate vaginal sex right before my period hits, I'll be crippled by the most horrific pain I've felt in my life. Granted, I'm fairly rough on myself, but not like I used to be. Dryness isn't an issue. I think I'm banging my cervix too much. My periods are horrible even without me antagonizing them, but I'm so obsessed with sex that it's been hard to stop. I reckon it's one of my forms of self-abuse.

The pain is so awful when I'm on my period that it warps my brain. I can't function on the most basic level. My abdomen is filled with sharp stabbing and dull aches. My bowels feel blocked and like they're contributing to the agony somehow. The pain will decrease exponentially if I'm able to use the restroom, but it's a nightmarish task that takes all day. It feels like I was anally raped and my ovaries are being crushed by fists. I don't know how else to describe it. I'm shaking, sweaty, nauseous, and feeling like I'm on the verge of death.

I need to know if this normal and 100% self-inflicted. It seems like it to me. I haven't gone to the doctor because I'm doing it to myself and I just need to stop.

I haven't had any sexual partners and I don't take any medication. I've been a chronic masturbation addict since I was ten and now I'm eighteen. My insides feel generally sensitive and battered. I hope I haven't destroyed myself permanently.

Is anything about what I'm going through normal? Should I bother going to the doctor?
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I think seeing a doctor would be a very logical step. However, you need to be upfront and honest with your medical provider for them to help you. It seems like you bring up self infliction quite a bit. If you aren't comfortable speaking with a doctor, consider starting with a therapist. Masturbation is completely normal, but the infliction of pain is concerning.  Also, I would consider correlation versus causation. By that I simply mean that however you are mastubating may not be the cause of your pain. Don't be shy about speaking up and asking questions -- You are your own best advocate! I wish you well.
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I'm wondering if orgasm doesn't cause contractions that then cause increased cramps?
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I'm thinking of scar tissue. You should also ask your doctor about getting an MRI of the uterus.

Try masturbating only via stimulating the clitoris (meaning, without putting anything inside your vagina) to orgasm, and see if it still happens. If it does, that would suggest the orgasm's contractions (not the insertion of anything into your vagina) are triggering the problem. If you can have an orgasm but it doesn't cause pain unless you also put a device into your vagina, that suggests the issue is triggered by pressure on the end of your uterus.

But to me it sounds like you have scar tissue inside your uterus and maybe also in your abdomen, and to diagnose that, your doc should definitely order an MRI. Not even an ultrasound would be that helpful.
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