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Menstrual Chaos

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if anyone can really give me any input on this but here goes.  I had my last period on June 13th and it lasted for 5 days (as usual).  Now, a couple days ago I started feeling a cramping feeling very similar to menstrual cramps, but was a little confused since my period had just ended on the 17th.  Then yesterday I went with my fiance and daughter to the zoo and got very overheated and began to feel light headed and like I was gonna throw up, so I went to the restroom and of course threw up.  I still felt very light headed so we left and went home.  After I got home, I went to the restroom to pee and was freaked out because when I pulled my underwear down I noticed like a fairly thick red/dark brown substance on my underwear.  There wasn't a whole lot of it, but it was very noticable. I went ahead and put a pad on, but was completely confused, since it had been only 2 weeks since my last period started.  Then today, I woke up feeling very strong cramps and lower back pain as if my period were starting, and I went to the bathroom to check to see what was going on but there isn't any blood.  So, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this.  I've got a million thoughts running thru my head, like perhaps pregnancy, or miscarriage or who knows what.  But it just all seems a bit too soon to have anything like that show up considering my period just ended on the 17th and today is the 29th.  I've never had my periods come too close together before.  Although I've had some times when they were too far apart.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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you need tobe paitent as pepole are not just sitting waiting for questions , we are normal people with nprmal lives , most folk are usa based which means they dont get on till late too . it could be ovulaton pain  but i aint sure , if it comes again see a doc x x x
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Oh, just a quick note...I noticed above that I put June 13th as the first day of my last period...I don't know where my head was...lol....but that should have been July 13th.  Thanx to everyone and any other input would be greatly appreciated :).  I've been trying to look for some info on this, but havent turned up much.
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Well no, I haven't taken a preg test yet because my period isn't even supposed to be due for another week and a half.  Any ideas anyone?
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Have you taken a pregnancy test?
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