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Menstrual cramps

Hey everyone!! Need a little help here. I am at my 3rd placebo pill as of today the 21st at 9pm. I noticed that on early Sunday I woke up with severe cramps. I thought my period had come down. I went to check and nothing. The cramps kept going and going. I was curious to see if I was going to be on my prd so I used a tampon. I pulled it out right away and noticed that were was blood clots(just like last month) Nothing was still coming down when I would urinate or wipe myself clean. Through out the day, my pain level was probably 8. I was out and about at a store and I had to run to the RR because I felt like it was coming down again. I checked and nothing, when I urinated, I noticed that a bit of blood came out. But that was it. So I put a tampon on again. Later that day, I had to urinate again and I wipe myself and noticed that on the tp (sorry TMI) there was light blood. The cramps still continued. While at home, I had the same thing too; light blood on tp. So I dont know whats going on. Any ideas!? I kept using tampons through out the day and there was blood/and blood clots on it like last month. I'm getting worried. Please let me know if its anything serious!!!

PS: I had sex with my bf the day before this "so call prd". Even though I was on placebo, we used a condom. Wks before that we had sex without a condom, but I have been on b/c for 3 months now. We had sex the first month on b/c without a condom and everything was ok. So yeah help please!!

Thanks!!! :)
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take a pregnany test i had 3 months of bleeding with each pregnancy hormones can play nasty tricks on us females if it comes up negative then just stop thinking about it because stress can delay it also, best of luck
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