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Menstruation after surgery for ectopic pregnancy

I was wondering if anyone has experience in this:  I had surgery three weeks ago today for an ectopic.  I ovulated around the 7th (based on an OPK, BBT and CM).  My progesterone on Mon. was 1.5.  I know low prog. can mean you will start to menstruate...but here is my question:  I think I am just starting to get the first period after the surgery but am not sure.  Yesterday I had a spot of bright red blood and then a little brown mucus.  This morning I had more brownish mucus and brown blood, and I am starting to see pink (not mucus, just like a stain on the toilet paper).  I also saw some bright red mucus.

I called the RN to see if that was the start of the 1st AF after surg. and she said to treat it as if it is, but since it is "old blood" because it is brown, and there is only a little pink, she can't be sure.  I know it's supposed to be much heavier than normal and more painful (I do have a sharp pain not like the post-surgery pain today in my lower abdomen.)  If this spotting/staining stops should I assume it isn't my period? I have had periods where I got brown staining, then nothing for 2 days, then my period.

I am wondering mostly because I need to go through two cycles (in other words 3 periods) before I am allowed to try again (plus have a hysterosalpingogram).

I know the RN told me to assume it was, but I was wondering if anyone had this spotting and if it stopped and you actually got your period.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and sorry so long.
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I also had surgery for an ectopic last September and had my right tube removed.  I also had some spotting after surgery, but not much.  I did not actually get my first period for about 7 weeks after the surgery.  My body just needed time to heal and get regulated again.  I wouldn't worry too much unless you keep spotting for long periods of time.  Good luck!  Everything will work out for you.  My husband and I are now expecting again and I am 13 weeks along and this baby is in my uterus!
That's so sweet but time alone heel our body I went through the same experience an waiting on my period too.
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Thanks for the information and I am very glad for you that your pregnancy is where it should be.  Congratuations!
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I had my right tube removed due to an ectopic pregnancy back in March. I got my first period a few weeks after my surgery. Except, it doesn't feel right, my periods are now different. I tend to start with some spotting that last for about 2 days, which is only when I wipe, then my period will normally start. The blood is now a little orange-ish and not like a deep red color like it used to be. Is this normal?
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when do I expect to menstrate after the surgery for ectopic pregnancy?
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My right tube was removed because of an ectopic pregnancy one week ago.  This ectopic pregnancy was from IVF.  It's a rare case that IVF pregnancy result in an ectopic pregnancy.  I am still spotting with small tissues expelled.  Does anyone know if it's normal ?  Is the bleeding from menstruation after the surgery or the bleeding from the ectopic pregnancy ?  I had the bleeding before the ectopic pregnancy was diagnosised ?
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I just got my first period after having my right tube removed due to an ectopic. This is like no other period I have ever had.  I have sharp pain where my surgery was and am going through at least a pad an hour.  I am also passing alot of clots. My periods have always been very light so maybe I'm just not used to this.  Does anyone know if this is normal for having surgery last month? I am exactly 28 days from my surgery.
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i had an ectopic prgnancy just over three weeks ago and had my right tube removed, i started spotting today, very bright red and i have been very worried, i have spoke to my gp and she says that it is normal to pass blood not long after sugery, to give it time although if it gets to painful or lasts alot longer than your normal period then to give her a call back. also....has anyone been feeling really down since the op? im 20 and me and my partner had been trying for a year...we are both still very upset....
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I had an ectopic pregnancy one week ago. My left tube was removed and I was told that massive scarring was removed and my right tube is scarred shut on both ends. How devastating. I'm only 27. I've been bleeding bright red blood since the surgery, but my doctor is regularly inaccessible and his staff are not the nicest people in the world. When should I expect the bleeding to stop and what's it like to have a period with no working tubes?
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I have just had an ectopic pregnacy in which my left tube has been removed, via laproscopy.   I ovulated 10 days after surgery and I think I am having my period today (28 days exactly after the surgery)
It is hurting more than usual though.
Im not sure what my point is - only that it is really reassuring to have a site like this and to know that you are not the only one to go through this
awful situation.  
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I had a ectopic pregnancy as well and had a peace of my right tube removed.  The bleeding ended three days after surgery. and I am now just waiting for my first period to come.  I hope I do not feel the strong pain.  I used to get strong period cramps before and I hope they dont get worse than they use to be. I am soo scared cause I do not know what to expect and when to expect this period. I actually want it to come soon. so i will know that life is getting back to normal.  What a nightmare I tell you..

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I found I had a ectopic pregnancy on Apr 9 when I went for my ck up.  I was in shock because I was showing no symptoms until the sonagram.  So I had emergency Laproscopy and closed both of my tubes.  I go pregnant by ivf because of my endo.  It took a long time to get pregnant then to get it taken away was devatasting.  I am dealing and hoping b/c my doc said have good eggs.  I guess I needed a place to go where other women are feeling the same lost.  I am concerned about my bleeding. I thought I finished fri nite but then on sat it started heavy again. I am just wondering if that is normal after surgery.  Now i am just waiting for my period to begin so i can do the transfer.  
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I had my left tube removed by laperotomy 3 weeks ago. I can report that 3 weeks down the line things are getting much better although first thing in the morning, when everything has gone stiff, is excruciating. I too have just begun to get a strange period (old brown blood) but I am assuming this is normal, I understand the first period can be different. I wanted to point anyone who reads this site to a charity website that has been extremely helpful to me. There is also a helpline that you can ring to talk to a very informative and reassuring nurse, she was brilliant, as I'd been told very little about post-operative care by the hospital (e.g. walk about a bit, don't bathe with bath products because post-operative skin is sensitive, that sort of thing). It is www.ectopic.org.uk . I was recommended to this website by the hospital before I left, read the FAQs, they answered most questions that I had. Wishing you all a speedy recovery and good luck in the future.
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I had an ectopic surgery in July of this year, my DH and I were TTC for about a year. I was rushed into the ER for emergency surgery to have my left tube removed, and was told only IVF would get me preg because my right tube is to damaged. To be honest my periods have never been the same. they are not so much as painfull as they were but heavier than ever. I recieved my first AF after surgery almost a week later than i was expecting it, and boy was it heavy, and my hormones felt off the charts. seems like every AF since then has been very very heavy last month lasted 6days. i was really worried because when i first went home post op i was passing several tissue clots... that i wasnt told i was going to pass, and every AF since I have passed at least one large blood clot. please let me know if anyone else is experiencing these issues, an it is verynice to see other people dealing with the same pain. for some reason when something tragic like this happens, its like your the only one in the world an no on could ever know your pain.
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so i had an ectopic preg in july they removed my right tube.im 23 years old and wanted to have a baby for awhile.I was about 3 months preg when they finally found out it was ectopic.i almost died..since then ive had a kidney inf and kidney stones.i always seem to still be tired all the time and my boobs are sore alot..i still dont feel back to the way i felt before..was just wondering if anyone else has  had problems so long after the surgery?
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I had my left tube removed after a ectopic pregancy and every since my cycles have been messed up. One time there will be about 25 days to my cycle, then the next month there will be about 40 days to the cycle, and back and forth. Any one else notice this?
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I too had an ectopic pregnancy (right side) through IVF (I'm a surrogate) back in May and my periods have not been normal.  Earliest start would be 18 days to a normal start for me of 28 days.  Including having 5 days of spotting before I actually start.  This is very different for me as my cycles were very regular.  I'm going to guess this is normal.  Something new has started for me.  I'm having discomfort on that side for the last couple of months and just went in to see the doctor to confirm nothing is wrong.  At that check-up my exam was normal, but will be going in for ultrasound to make sure everything else is okay.  Wish me luck!!  I've already started injections for the next IVF transfer.  Nervous as heck and really want this for my couple, but can’t stop thinking about the discomfort on my right side.  Argh!!
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I didn't have an etopic pregnancy, but I did have a laparoscopy, D&C, and hysteroscopy and something called chromotubation.  They found that I had endo and my left tube was blocked so they opened it. They also had to remove 2 large orange sized cysts. I had post surgery spotting and passing of tissue, now two weeks past surgery i have a light period, but the blood is black and dark brown. I assume it is old blood from other posts I have read, but I am not sure. It's sorta freaking me out, but I see the doc. on Monday so will ask then.
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im 24 i had an ectopic 5 days ago.
i didnt know i had a baby cos i had my period, tests were negative, everything seemed to be normal but i had very short breath, i thought it was because im not exercising...very suddenly i had this undecribable pain..the ambulance rushed me to the hosp, 2 hrs later i was in the OR.
now im home still have kinda bearable pain. i have lil spottings (pink) but when i wipe i have cloth and pink blood that can fill a pad, everytime i go to washroom. im very worried, my doctor is like an allien (u can never see him or find him or even talk to him) i dunno what to do. and i dont want to wait in the emergency for hours cos its still uncomfortable for me(im still recovering). is the bleeding normal or should i rush to emergency? plz HELP
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You should wait as long as your doctor told you to wait.  Usually a couple of weeks, but it can vary.

If he/she did not specify, call and ask.  At least wait until your follow up appt from the surgery.  Then, you can ask at that time.

If you don't, you could get an infection.  Wait until the doctor gives you the green light.
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Hey all...I was so releived to find this page.  On July 28th I had to have emergency surgury to remove an ectopic pregnancy...only mine implanted itself into my ovary and it ruptured and turned into a huge blood clot that contained my ovary and my tube.  I had no bleeding with this at all.  The first doctor told me I was pregnant and it was just pains from that.  We have been trying for 4 years but I knew this wasn't right as I have two healthy kids at home.  They found it 5 days later on a sonogram done by a different doctor and with in an hour had me in OR.  So they had to remove the tube and ovary obviously.  I am now wondering when I will get my period...I have no clue.  My doctor hasn't been the best so I have decided to switch to the one that did my surgery as she was awesome.  Anyone have any hints?
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I just had surgery about 5 weeks ago. It was very unexpected. I had just missed my period (which I lightly bled for) 2 weeks before and had been bleeding for about 4 days. I thought it was a miscarrage since I had one in the past with the same bleeding. After my surgery, there was no bleeding until I stood up and walked around for the whole day (2 days after surgery). I started to bleed brownish with clots. This was perfectly normal since my body was now acting as though I had had a baby and was cleaning itself out. This was all the old blood and the uteris lining. This lasted a week. A week later I began bleeding agian. I called my doctor on this and she told me it was just my normal period. The cramps were intense. Pain meds really didnt help. My incissions really hurt, which was odd because after my surgery I took no pain meds and my cuts just felt tight. That period ended a week ago and now I am on another period. This is when my clock-work like period would always be.

My best advice to anyone who is worring is to look at it as your body was pregnant. It retained fluids. Now the baby isn't there and your body is cleaning itself out and trying to regulate your period. Search on google for menstruation after pregnancy.
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I had ectopic pregnancy and also lost my left tube .Didnot remove the ovary.My AFcame after 35 days of surgery.Next month my AF didnot come till now even its more than one month.before surgery my AF was regular 28 days.can any help me is this normal or something else.
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i had surgery for an ectopic pregnacy and had my lefttube removed, 5 days later i started to bleed which lasted 6 days is this blood from the surgery or the lining of my womb shedding because i'm no longer pregnant?
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