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Mid Cycle bleeding with large clots!

I am a 25 years old with a normal and regular period. I usually have a 3-5 day period, and the 1-2 day are the heaviest. My last period was on April 19th. It was about 3 days in length and appeared to be normal. I started ovulating on Sunday, May 2 with the normal clear discharge. By the end of the day, it had blood in it. All day Monday, I had this clear and bloody discharge. Tuesday night, I started bleeding really heavy and passing large clots. These clots were a quarter size or larger, and this lasted all night Tuesday night. Wed. I stopped the heavy bleeding and begain to have the clear discharge mixed with a little blood again. I am now also having a lot of breast leakage!!! ??? I took a pregnancy test today to be on the safe side, and it was negative. I plan on seeing my doctor next week, but was wondering what could be causing me to bleed during ovulation with that many clots and my breasts to be leaking?? The fluid from my breasts are a milky color. I had my 2nd son almost 2 years ago, and did NOT BF. Anyone know what could be going on?
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I have endured years ( since 17) of blood clots & excessive discharge. Usually during my period, but the discharge would occur randomly & often. Basically, you are okay, as long as you don't have severe pain or insanely long cycles. It's just a part of being a woman. I'm now 38 & still suffer from both issues, despite having been on birth control, & now I finally got an IUD! Get checked by your gyno, but likely, it's just a party of being female. Go figure. ☺
Thanks for your story!  That's great advice.  Did the IUD help you?  Do you have less heavy bleeding and discharge?  My friend is looking at her options for this as we speak!
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