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Migraine Symptoms That Mimic a Stroke

Migraine Symptoms That Mimic a Stroke i get these allot maybe 2 times a week my speech is slurred and i am not able to drink the drinks pour out the left side of my face and my left side of my body is numb when i get these  episodes.

I went to two dr's they can not give me a clue what it is i looked the information up  about this problem on  the internet and now i am worried can i be at risk of a damaging and permant disability because of it . I am \not able to walk when i have these migraines like i said my left side of my body goes numb from my left side of my face to the left side of my body i had these episodes  2 times a month where my migraines get that bad i am in this state i am not able to walk or move or do any activities like shop or drive things like that. I am going to get a third opion at the Hershey Medical center in Hershey Pa.

My question is that if anyone who has this kind of migraines ever have a full blown stroke and can it kill me i am a 32 year old woman i quit smoking i am on a low fat diet . I take walks 2 times a week i am trying to stay stress free and i have pets to lower my stress levels i have no diabetes and no high blood pressure so if any one has experienced this kind of migraines please give me any advice. I started to have these kinds of migraines in 2003 after my second child was born so i am still struggling with the migraines it comes tot he point i am server pain.  If any one could give me helpful advice that would be grateful.
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Hi there, my friend has similar experiences to you and last year found herself needing 6 months of rehabilitation to get back to normal, she was hospitalised because her husband thought it was a stroke.. she had allsorts of neurological tests, CT scan, MRI scan, you name it.. but the diagnosis she got was that it was a Hemiplegic Migraine..

Apparently they can be hereditary but not in all cases. My friends father had TIA mini strokes so we believe thats where she gets it from but no one is sure.
The only preventative measure she has is half an aspirin daily. She was also taking something for cholesterol but no longer needs it.

It is good that you are going to the Hershey medical centre, I think you need to see a doctor that specialises in Migraine, as not many doctors have experience with these particular type of Migraine.

I hope you get the answers and treatment you need!
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Thanks for the helpful advice and thanks for answering my question!
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