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Mirena IUD help!

I have had the mirena iud for 3 years now. The first 2 years I had no period or bleeding. I now for some reason have had nearly constant bleeding for about a year(would have gotten checked more than once, but I haven't had the means to do so) I'll bleed consistently for weeks on end, then I'll get maybe a week or so break, then it comes back, worse at first with clots, then continues on bleeding. I have felt for my strings and at one point they were nearly hanging out of my vagina. Went and got this checked and the doctor told me "yupp, it is still in place, let me just cut your strings" but I had gotten my strings cut initially, they weren't that long beforehand, and I know bleeding constantly isn't normal. I now can feel what feels like the bottom of the mirena at the end of my uterus. I have also randomly experienced butterflies, or a weird nervous type feeling, and a odd sensation right where my belly button is. Currently I am experiencing vaginal discharge. My vagina seems to smell more strongly and different, not necessarily bad. My pee is strong smelling and sometimes cloudy. I'm 21 years old and at this point all of my joints pop and hurt. I bend down at the knees and every time they both pop. My neck is always tight and hurting. Headaches. Im always cold. Always. My hair has been falling out like crazy. At this point In time I'm constantly burping. I seem to get this odd tingling/burning sensation right underneath my right shoulder blade. My hands will randomly start tingling and then cramping to the point I can't move my fingers on my own. Everyone I speak to about this acts like I'm just over-reacting.. Is this serious? Will I need surgery? By neglecting to go and get this checked again, have I permanent damaged myself? Possibly making it where I won't be able to have children in the future? Do you by chance have ANY answers for me as to what has been happening to my body this past year and up to now?
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