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Missed period

This past year has been really rough. in January I choose to be a vegetarian and train for a half marathon. Around April I lost my period, and haven't had it since. I lost a lot of weight (25 lbs) and weighed 100 during the summer and consider my eating habits to have been mildly anorexic. I now weigh in my healthy range, but i suffer bulimia and have been cycling and running for excessive amounts of time (2-4 hours almost every day). I don't know how to get my period back. I have been purging and having binges a lot less, and exercising less. I take pills for migraines but can't take birth control or hormones because it would cause me to have a high risk for stroke. I have fairly low stress levels. I haven't told my doctor. I did have blood work done in May and it was low but still in the healthy range. Is there some way to take care of this without my parents/doctor learning? I feel they would take away my ability to exercise (varsity) and wouldn't approve of my vegetarian diet but i hate everything about meat and how animals are treated, how it tastes, ect. I am lactose-intolerant, and have bad circulation and am going to talk to my doctor about having restless leg syndrome because it just recently makes my legs fall asleep if they are elevated slightly or still too long. I REALLY need help with this, and i don't want to  be infertile. I also will take your advice and if you feel necessary will tell my parents. I really just want to see if anyone can help before. I AM NOT PREGNANT OR SEXUALLY ACTIVE.
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Hi there sweetie.  Well, what you describe is obviously an eating disorder.  anorexia mixed with bulemia will certainly cause a cessation of periods along with a 25 pound weight loss.  How are things going with the eating/exercise issues?  I read that you are exercising less and eating more but is this consistent and are you gaining weight?  Are you no longer purging??  This is really important.  Most people that suffer eating disorders do need some help overcoming them in terms of a mental health professional.  No shame in this.  Lots of people and especially young women have been through this.  It is important to get proper treatment for it so that it doesn't become a life long battle.  Would you consider seeing a therapist?  This would be someone to talk to confidentially about the issues surrounding body image, obssession, esteem and whatever else could be going on.  A safe place to vent and get help for the issues that could be lifechanging and meaningful.  I would SO love for you to do that.

Regarding your period,  if you are recoving from the period of time in which your weight loss and other things were happening, give yourself time.  Your body should regulate again as you gain weight and go back to a normal schedule of moderate exercise and healthy eating.  

Doing it alone is hard sweetie.  And talking to a professional is the best way to get in touch with why it happened so it doesn't happen again.  I wish you all the best and if you'd like, you can keep in touch with me either through the forum or by pm to let me know if how it is going and if I can help in any way.  Peace and luck
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i had the same thing happen to me... I essentially ate too little.. mainly vegitarian and was doing intense running training. It took me a while to get it back. But it can come back... i lost mine for a few months.... the only way i got it back on was... by putting on a little more fat percentage. Even tho i was in the healthy range... I was just pure muscle. Women need fat to help regulate the women hormone estrogen. This hormone is essential for helping absorb calcium and for actually being able to reproduce. If you don't get your period back, your at risk of damaging your bones (specific name starting with 'osterpro... something' ) They become very frail and your bone density decreases DRAMATICALLY. Also. Because your a vegitarian... i'd be worried about your iron and protein intake. I developed anemia at the time which ended up making it so hard to train any more. So meat is an important part of your diet.. but if its' against your views then I'd suggest going on a more effective diet plan.

Also, if you think you've got symptoms of anorexia or bulimia... seem help immediately... that kind of stuff takes over your life so quickly. You can still train etc.... but have a strict diet plan and be accountable to someone to make sure you eat it. (so that way you don't over eat or under eat). If you go and see a nutritionist they'll slowly be able to help you manage a healthy eating vegitarian regime that will benefit your body for training as well. I have an eating plan that she gave me while i was training... so just inbox me if your interested. :) Keep smiling... hope you get better soon :)
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