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Missing period this month

Hi, I'm a 24 years old woman. I had my period on 28th November. I had unprotected sex on 21st December 2022. I tool emergency contraceptive pill within 12 hours. I generally have a 30 days menstrual cycle which is scheduled to occur between 26 to 28th of every month. I also got my period on 27th December which was on time but it lasted only 2 days and the flow was good as usual. I had a home pregnancy test on 28th December which was negative. Later on 8th January(18th day after sex) I took the home pregnancy test again which was still negative. from 13th of January, I was diagnosed with for Urine infection. Later on 20th January, my doctor did Cystoscopy using General anesthesia and I have had many medicine since. I have my catheter still connected. I should have got my period by 26th January but I don't feel any pain and didn't get any bleeding. So I am almost 3 days late to my period. I don't have any other pregnancy symptom. Now I'm worried if I'm pregnant. As I can't do a test now, What are the chances of positive pregnancy?
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So, don't expect your period right now. You've had the holidays (change of routine), worry (fear you got pregnant and any other stress you've had), illness (infection, you have a CATHETER placed, etc, medication) . . . all, ALL things that will throw off a cycle. Our cycle can get messed up with nothing one can figure out even but the common reasons are change in routine, stress, holidays, illness, weight gain or loss, etc. Periods do NOT have to come at the 'right' time and you can still be totally fine. Doctors like you to have a period at least once every 3 months before they become concerned. Don't worry about your period. You aren't pregnant (tests prove it and at this point with your medical care, they'd have figured it out if you were. So, you are NOT). Work on recovering and forget about worrying about your period. REmember, tracking is just a guess of what is normal but doesn't mean every cycle will be just like that. Hang in there.
OHHHH, and probably most impactful on your cycle is you took Plan B. That can prevent pregnancy as you know but it also is a huge dose of hormones that will disrupt your cycle for up to three months. Expect it, it's typical of plan B. Don't worry about pregnancy and just focus on getting better.
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